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  • heheh, anytime. Thanks for the rep

    oops thought you said fried, sorry to hear that. I hope you find something else fast.
    Wuz up... I see no picture. Wrap a pair of Fruit o the looms over your head like me and take a pic. lol
    Hi Lil Neutrino,
    Last week I scored this seedling starter thing off ebay for $9. It's called the APS 24. I think I can use it as a passive cloner! I'm going to try it out and post my results on my journal. The aps 24 should be here today so I'll get started right away.:peace:
    Hi rc...yeah, I've been scarce online lately just about everywhere. It's nice living somewhere where I can actually enjoy myself elsewhere than online again :) Only bad thing is that it kind of makes me regret the last 10 years (the prime of life) because now I feel like I've wasted them living somewhere I wasn't really happy. Ah well, better late than never!
    Sorry siscokid, I've been a stranger for a while lol...cure went well, worked well for our medical issues, and was well received by others who tried it.
    hey maybe you can tell me how to post my link on the bottom of my post's. i'm the biggest idiot on the pc. thx
    Hey mate, hows things going at the moment? ..was glad to see things are back on track!
    Just about finished mine now - harvested them both, now Drying & curing woo! Thanks for your help & comments through-out.. good luck, and i'll be watching!

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