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What's New At Herbies Seeds 24th May 2018

Herbies Seeds

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We can now accept the following currencies for cash orders

Great British Pounds
Australian Dollars
New Zealand Dollars
Canadian Dollars
US Dollars

If you are based in the UK, you can pay via UK Bank Transfer, cash or Bitcoin/crypto currencies.

International orders can be paid via cash or Bitcoin/crypto currencies.

A full list of accepted crypto currencies can be found on our Herbies Seeds website at Herbiesheadshop.com

Back in stock – You can see the full listing here

Serious Happiness Regs
Seedsman Lowryder #2 Auto
World of Seeds Northern Lights x Big Bud (Cup Winner)
Next Generation Grapefruit Diesel Regs
Next Generation Grapefruit Diesel Fems
Next Generation Grapegod Fems
BC Bud Depot BC God Bud Fems (Cup Winner)
00 Seeds Auto Northern Lights
00 Seeds Chocolate Skunk Fems
British Columbia Blaze Regs
CBD Auto Lavender Fems
CBD Auto Northern Fems
Ripper Zombie Kush Fems
Ripper Washing Machine Fems (Cup Winner)
Seedsman Cheese Fems
Advanced Seeds Auto Collection #1 Fems
Advanced Seeds Auto Collection #4 Fems
British Columbia Northern Lights #5 Fems
Dark Horse Genetics Chem Berry D Regs
Dark Horse Genetics Gamma Berry Regs
Purple Caper Cherry Cake Regs
Flying Dutchman The Pure Regs
Sagarmatha A1 Haze Fems
Phenofinder Grapefruit Diesel Fems
Connoisseur Genetics Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze Regs
Connoisseur Genetics Grateful Casey Fems
Devils Harvest Casey Jones Fems (Cup Winner)
Ministry of Cannabis Auto Blue Amnesia Fems
Dr Underground U Pink Kush Fems
TH Darkstar Fems (Cup Winner)
Reserva Privada Strawberry Banana Fems
Devils Harvest Rollex OG Kush Fems (Cup Winner)
Holy Smoke Strawberry StarDawg Fems
Holy Smoke Banana Crack Fems
Rare Dankness Cookie OX Regs
Connoisseur Genetics Orange N Mango Fems

Offers – See all of our promotions on Herbies’ free seeds page

We currently have 10% off all Female Seeds for a limited time only

We also have 10% off the following ranges

Buddha Seeds
Resin Seeds
Medical Seeds
CBD Seeds
710 Genetics Seeds

We also have promotional offers on from the following breeders :-

Barneys Farm
Heavyweight Seeds
Super Strains
Big Head Seeds
Dr Underground Seeds
Top Shelf Elite
Gage Green Group
Delicious Seeds
Kannabia Seeds
House of the Great Gardener
TH Seeds
Humboldt Seed Organisation
Sweet Seeds
Royal Queen Seeds
Paradise Seeds
World of Seeds
Samsara Seeds
Dinafem Seeds
Ministry of Cannabis
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