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When is Kentucky going to get MMJ?


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hahaha i know it's a funny joke, the notion of my Kentucky home state adopting a MMJ program. but that doesn't mean i don't want it to happen.

how many years (or centuries) will it take?

there is MMJ in 13 states. how was it done there, and how can it be done in Kentucky?


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Re: So...when is Kentucky going to get MMJ?

If you can keep the good ole boys away from the polls, and get the younger crowd out to them, I'd say its possible now lol. I lived in MS, so I feel you man. Change is slow elsewhere, but in the South, it seems to be particularly stunted by pride.


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Re: So...when is Kentucky going to get MMJ?

Yeah Buddy, boy can I relate to that. The south is not alone, I live in Iowa where methane from pig manure and methamphetamine are our two biggest products. Everything happens in Iowa 15-20 years later than on either coast. I am a Medical Marijuana patient in a non Medical Marijuana state. I use marijuana to control chronic nausea and vomiting from Diabetic Neuropathic Gastroparesis (Paralyzed Stomach.) I have to do what Sen Gordon Howie (R-SD) says, "If you need marijuana for medicine go out and by some regardless of the law. Just deal with it." Now there's a perfect example of people who do not belong in public office Like Gov Bluecherbitch (or whatever it is) and Sen Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and last but definetly least Rep Mark Souder (R-IND) who are all stuck in the "Reefer Madness" mode. So do what I do contact your local politicans and ask them where they stand on Medical Marijuana, if they are against it keep pestering them with proof of the truth. Plus get as many people to pepper Obama's site Change.gov: The Obama-Biden Transition Team. Keep up the good work maybe we can get our states to legalize it for the revenue would save our economy and revive the whole nation. Not to mention we would be a healthier nation. Our anti marijuana laws are all based on racial prejudice, personal opinion and politics. We need to force the federal government to remove marijuana from the Schedule I catagory because when California legalized Medical Marijuana in 1996 it changed one of the five rules a drug must meet to be put in Schedule I. Specifically it is the rule reading, "Marijuana does not have a currently excepted medical use for treatment in the United States." Now that 13 states have legalized Medical Marijuana and New Jersey will be #14 in 2009 it is very clear that "Marijuana does have a currently accepted medical use for treatment in the United States" and therefore must be removed from schedule I and put in schedule III or V or not at all where it really belongs. Medical Marijuana must be removed from the political arena and put in the scientific and medical arena. Keep on Tokin...:smokin::yummy:


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Re: So...when is Kentucky going to get MMJ?

I hope Kentucky gets it's act together. People like Gatewood Galbraith are trying to lead the way, but he needs our help.
From Kentuckians for Medical Marijuana:

The mission of Kentuckians for Medical Marijuana is to organize and lobby for an Immediate Change in Kentucky's marijuana laws to allow the use of marijuana for all the ailments for which it is therapeutic.

16 other states and countless medical societies and groups recognize marijuana's many medical benefits and have passed laws and regulations to legitimize its use but Kentucky continues to categorize marijuana as a Schedule One Narcotic with no medical benefits and a high potential for abuse.

That is pure fiction and an absurd basis from which to try to enact reasonable laws addressing affordable health care and efficient law enforcement. We believe this has come about because our lawmakers and policy experts are uninformed regarding marijuana as a medicine. They are kept in the dark by certain interests who are making money off the current madness. Well, it is up to us to lead them into the sunlight of knowledge and insight which will result in allowing marijuana as a medicine in Kentucky. And that is what we intend to do.

This organization and site belong to you'all, the disabled vet, the injured worker, the car accident victim and all those people trying to cope with chronic pain in an insane world where you are criminalized for associating with a safe natural medicine that is saving your life. This must change and you and your friends are agents for that change.

Alert everyone you know about our efforts. Send them to this site. Use our forums and post your thoughts on our message boards. Let us organize through our veteran's halls and organizations, the American Legions, the VFWs, the Veteran's and other hospitals and support groups like the Multiple Sclerosis and Asthma Societies. Get your church involved along with your local sheriffs and newspaper editors. Many people from many walks of life want this change to take place. Help us find them and let's organize to lobby the legislature.

The time is now and we are the agents of change.

Thanks for your help.

Kentuckians 4 Medial Marijuana Founder




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Re: So...when is Kentucky going to get MMJ?

LOL I wish, but hey, with the way things are changing i'm kinda getting some hope. And ya know I bet they toke themselfs or they wouldn't be a true hillbilly. Usually the ones screaming no are the ones doing it but thats usually how things work in this world. Stay kool


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Re: So...when is Kentucky going to get MMJ?

As burly tobacco prices continue to fall MMJ could potentially fill the void as a major cash crop in KY. Some farmers have started farming corn for ethanol, or have started vineyards. The problem with both of these options is that they are both subsidized by the gov. You can bet MMJ won't have to be subsidized to be profitable for farmers!

Go Cats!


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Any thought on Gatewood Galbraith and how he'll do in the election in November? Perhaps there's hope for us afterall ^^.
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