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Will you support Black market Pot Yes/No

Do you support Black market pot

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It's all I've ever had so yes I support it for supporting me all these years! Legal would be nice so I am in favor of legal marijuana, variety is the spice of life! Plus growing is my one and only hobby of love. Black market pot will emerge on top again in the future when they begin to place more restrictions on what is considered legal marijuana. I'm sure that by the time we see that though the black market pot will be able to compete with legal pot as far as quality and strength. Sorry for rambling, happy growing 420!


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Yes always have always will!! It's honestly the name you pay for star bright bumble fuck is the best weed man!!!! I just got a bag of pot and it does the same thing to you as fancy pants!!!!! But is a quater the price I'll take the star bright because I like ponies!!!!! That's what your doing it's A.D.D at its finest I only smoke or it if no now what it is called!!!!!

Gbmore Grow

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Yes! Because it's of and by the people! I Love Red Stripe, Coors Lite, Hoegarden and practically any and every German beer.....but when my Brutha brings his home brew....Love that too! I've personally NEVER had bad weed...some strains and bags have been stronger or lighter, depending...but NEVER bad....but that's just MY experience.
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