Winter Grow In Hawaii


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Winter grow is doing well. just wish my plants grow like this in the summer. The shortness well makes up for the killer buds.these plants are just bags seeds, maybe the free I got with my order from
Hi Minei! Awesome looking plants, especially for a winter grow. I'm jealous! And those aren't "just bagseeds" - it doesn't matter, it's going to be amazing stuff. As long as TLC is given to them =) And I'm sure you give them a lot of tender loving care...

But really, for a winter grow, they look amazing...

Still going through the blueberry from the summer harvest? I seem to be going through my harvest at a reasonable rate, I'm really enjoying them. And They are " just bagseeds" too! And it turned out to be a miracle!

BTW, did you get an Extreme-Q yet? How is the vaporizing going? Please let me know.

Best wishes, and Take Care
Aloha Lee,
Happy Holidays to you. My winter grow is going good. I have recent photos that I will post. My Blueberry stash is gone but I have a few oz's of my Big Bud stash that will get me thru the winter plus of course I am going to have the winter plants. They are smaller but good stuff. I always have something No to your other question. I have not been able to buy the Extreme-Q yet, but I am counting on If not I will be buying one really soon. I read up on it and it looks to be awesome. can't wait. So how are you doing? You are right, from the 2 plants I recently harvested, those were better than bag seeds. They must have been from a friend that sent them to me and said they were mixed and may be "white widow or some haze of some sort. They grew fast and ferious as like the rest of my winter grow. That is one thing about winter, the plants grow fast. Short but fast. Here are some pics of the ones I have and some babies that will be ready in about 2 months or sooner. Lee, take care and have a wonderful Christmas and be safe.
OOOPS. I forgot to upload the pictures I took yesterday. I will do that and send you them.. Aloha Lee
Hello, thank you I am doing quite well, and I hope you and the family are doing very well too. Thank you for sharing these pictures, that is some amazing growth for being in the winter. Hawaii must be somewhat forgiving. What strain is growing now?

Spring time is on the way, I can't wait to see next year's grows. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Minei!
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