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Wisdom needed for DWC!


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Second Silent Grow, First grow was soil now im doing DWC.

Hi, just wanted to see if anyone had any advice for me?

My Grow is a 7hx4wx2l Supply Cabinet
1. 150 Watt HPS.
1. 5 Gallon Bucket
1. 6" Lasko Clip Fan
1. Air Pump
1. Personal Humidifier
I Currently do not know the Strain i am growing, a definite indica for sure :thumb: a buddy of mine had some Clippings and i decided to take one and do it in a DWC.
I had Ordered seeds from the Attitude and i got them exactly 45 Days later, because of customs the first time :p
The Strains i Picked up Are as Follows
  • Auto Seeds- Berry Ryder
  • Humboldt- Blue Dream Auto
  • Auto- Trans Siberian
  • Auto- Auto#1
  • TH- Critical Hog

Im using Dutch Pro Ferts
  • Original Grow A&B
  • Original Bloom A&B
  • Multi Total
  • Take Root
  • Explode
Do i need to buy separate Nutes, or will the ferts be enough?
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