420 Magazine Grow Journal of the Month: August 2019


Congratulations to Homer Simpson, the winner of 420 Magazine’s Grow Journal of the Month – August 2019!

This award celebrates the very best grow journals on 420 Magazine based on relevant content, quality of writing, photography and general knowledge sharing. All grow journals are chosen by the 420 Magazine staff, to avoid any rumors of this being a popularity contest.

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Homer’s Legal 4-Plant Max Perpetual Minimalist Garden In Ontario

Starting his third grow with a clone and a seed, Homer’s journal is a little masterclass in rejecting the extras and focusing on the plants. He himself puts it best: “I think a lot of people may be interested in starting to grow their own cannabis but hesitate because they don’t know how and find all the equipment and options from nutes to soil overwhelming so I am thinking if I develop the simplest cheapest system that needs the least maintenance and start-up costs and equipment it may help a lot of people get involved.”

His results are pretty spectacular, due in no small way to his supercropping, which is clearly documented here. Given Homer’s positive and generous attitude, he would also want to credit his subscribers with much of his success. This is itself a classic example of the benefits of a 420 Magazine journal. But ultimately, this is Homer’s journal, Homer’s success and Homer’s harvest. Very highly recommended.

Thank you, Homer Simpson, for all you do for our community. We are truly grateful that you are here.