Grow Journal Of The Month – December 2016


Congratulations to Canna Montana and Nismo12 for Grow Journal of the Month – December 2016!

This is a new award to celebrate the very best grow journals on 420 Magazine; based on relevant content, quality of writing, photography and general knowledge sharing. All grow journals are chosen by the 420 Magazine staff, to avoid any rumors of this being a popularity contest.

The winner earns 420 rep points, “Grow Journal Of The Month” title, 420 Mag T-Shirt, Bic 420 Magazine Lighter, 420 Mag Stickers and a Medium 420 Magazine Nug Jar!

The Kind Pen Contributes The Following Item To Our 420 Contest Winners.

GYO Seedbank Contributes The Following Item To Our 420 Contest Winners.

The couple that live together, grow together. Canna Montana and Nismo12’s joint (sic) journal, Welcome All My Friends To The Show That Never Ends – Canna M & Nismo12 Team Up!, is this month’s winner. Covering a host of tips and techniques, from grow room set-up and germination to pollination and extracts and all growing points inbetween, their journal is full of detail, good info, very clear data across a host of relevant growing issues and good photos which are always pertinent. They have also gathered a great community of followers.

Thank you, Canna Montana and nismo12, for all you do for our community.

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