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Thread: The haps with me.

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    The haps with me.

    Been a few since I posted last.
    Finally got a job. Been on night stock at Lowe's for a month now. FINALLY got a hook up here in Texas. Got some free nug tonight, which has my panties wet :D

    Bad news.
    This guy I know back from Arkansas burned down my Grandpa's tire station. Which is sooooo fucked up, he didn't have insurance on anything he had in there. He had some old cars that were in tip top shape in the back, pictures, tires of course, a money collection, a puppy he only had 2 weeks, and lots of other stuff. Apparently he was looking for keys to some trucks he had out front and couldn't find them so I guess he got pissed and set the place on fire...Mind you this is @ 4 in the morning (fucking tweaker.) Luckily though the guy across the street saw all this even went over and talked to him. ON TOP OF THAT the stoopid tweaker dropped his wallet at the scene and the firemen found it while putting out the fire.

    Couple years back my Grandpa was in the hospital getting heart surgery, and the same guy who burned his place down stole his check book and wrote a bunch of checks. Also last year he jipped me on 420 out of a ounce of weed.
    *image removed*

    Very fucked up, he was going to give that place to my Dad and me when he passes.
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    Re: The haps with me.

    Welcome back mate. Sorry to hear of your troubles. Good to hear you got some decent weed to help you to chill.