420 Magazine Website News: April 2017


Welcome to our monthly update, designed to give you a bit more insight into what’s going on behind the scenes and on the stage of 420 Magazine. March was another busy month. Our site traffic has taken another leap upwards and we find ourselves welcoming many new members. We are delighted to have you. If you are a fresh face here, please do take a moment and read our Posting Guidelines. They are there to help and protect you and to keep 420 Magazine full of the positive energy that we all work so hard to preserve.

We always say that we wouldn’t be here without our Sponsors. However it’s equally true that 420 Magazine wouldn’t be such a great mission without you, our members. We are always grateful for your presence, contributions & positive energy. Tech Updates
Mobile App registration has been resolved. Now new registrations are forced to register via web browser, avoiding the confusing and mysterious process of non working validation links. We are still working with our app developer to resolve this issue so members can register via mobile app, however this workaround is the best we can do meanwhile.

This month is dedicated to completing all bug reports and updating our website. We are also finally in the process of completing the new 420 Product Reviews & Strain Reviews sections! As always, please let us know by sending us a report if you encounter any strange bugs or glitches.

New Staff Member: Dave Groomer
We are very happy to announce that Dave Groomer formerly known as SuperGroomer has joined our Spambot Patrol team. A wonderful volunteering spirit, Dave’s contributions whilst a member have been terrific. Now he’s helping us rid ourselves of those Asian bots. Hopefully, as members you’ll have seen considerably fewer of these irritating posts. That’s because the Spambot team of Dwight Monk, Curly Beaver and now Dave Groomer have been doing absolutely sterling work, botting and banning them before they get a chance to multi-post. We are truly grateful to all of you.

Human Resources: Job Opportunities
If you are interested in helping to support our Mission, please do check out our Human Resources forum.

News Moderator – Paid Position
420 Magazine is looking for a passionate and dedicated team player who would like to become part of our dynamic and dedicated team. We have been in the business of bringing the message of Cannabis and Hemp awareness to the world since 1993 and you could be a part of this very important mission. We are seeking a mature, self motivator with a true passion for creating cannabis awareness and a willingness to work hard, without issues of ego. We want someone who is patient, caring and compassionate. Is this you?
420 Magazine Seeking News Hawk & News Moderator – Paid Positions

Social Networking Moderator – Paid Position
We are also seeking a social networking guru to manage our Instagram account. The successful candidate will need to post half a dozen images per day from our vast archive of over 2 million photos.
420 Magazine Seeking Social Networking Guru

420 Magazine Home Page
More good news. We have overcome some technical and image-creation issues, and our Home Page, which has been updated erratically in the past few months, will now have fresh News, Announcements and Reviews every Monday.

We invite both new and established members to check our Home Page weekly. It’s a great spot to catch up with our headline stories and see some detailed reviews of terrific books and equipment, as well as articles about our latest new or renewing sponsors, without whom none of us would be here. What’s more, our monthly contest winners are featured on the Home Page.

Please don’t forget to check out and vote in our contests, by the way. If you like the look of a sparkling nug or a plant heavy in flower, our members’ pictures in these competitions are the place for you to be.

Sponsor Welcomes
Over the past couple of months, we’ve been fortunate to be able to welcome a number of new and renewing sponsors. We are truly grateful to all of them. Please do check out these welcome posts and the sponsors’ websites.
Gentleman’s Brand Vapes
Dope Seeds
Aqua Lab Technologies
The Kind Pen
Herbies Seeds
Gorilla Seeds

Product Reviews
420 Magazine staff reviews are another great source of trustworthy information. Here a few of the recent reviews they’ve posted. Check out the new and improved 420 Product Reviews section.
HVY Glass 9mm 4 Arm Straight Tube From AquaLab Technologies – Review By Aaron Quix
The Kind Pen’s CBDiscreet – Review By Doc Bud
The Kind Pen’s Dream – A Review By Doc Bud
Sweet Mary Jane: 75 Delicious Cannabis-Infused High-End Desserts – Review by Cannafan

That’s it for this month. Thank you for being a valuable part of our Mission, we are truly grateful for you.

Sending you all lots of love and positive energy through the universe.

Your 420 Magazine Team