420 Magazine's Mission Statement


420 Magazine exists to support the repeal of all Cannabis prohibition laws and penalties throughout the world. Not another person should suffer incarceration or stigma because of these unjust laws.

420 Magazine believes Cannabis prohibition will end as more people become aware of the true benefits of the plant. 420 Magazine is the vehicle that provides you with the scientific and anecdotal advice of Cannabis experts in the areas of cultivation, medical, social and legal matters. Our community provides support to those bringing Cannabis awareness to the world.

We believe each human has the right to consume a plant in his or her own body, government should repeal all laws violating this right and those incarcerated for Cannabis offenses should be set free.

Cannabis is a medically wondrous plant. It provides a safe alternative for pain relief, anti-nausea, appetite-inducement, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammation medication. Its properties have been demonstrated to fight cancer, and provide relief to the seriously ill and dying as well as those challenged with anxiety and depression. Millions of people have shared the medical benefits of Cannabis throughout the centuries.

420 Magazine believes farmers shall have the right to grow and profit from Industrial Hemp--one of the strongest, environmentally friendly substances on the planet. Industrial Hemp is a natural fiber found in everything from rope to the finest clothing designs. It shows benefit as both a food form and as a health and beauty aid. Hemp is the environmental answer to the elimination of our dependence on earth-destroying fossil fuels. The Hemp bounty will end oil wars, deforestation, pollution, acid rain and global warming.

The Mission of 420 Magazine is to repeal Cannabis prohibition by promoting international Cannabis awareness to the world.
I am filled with soo much hope right now that our country is heading in the right direction. Over the last few weeks i have seen a flood of news on the reform front. I have been in my fair share of legal trouble involving cannabis and i pray that no one else is punished for victimless crimes again.
I just want to thank forums like this. After years of injuries and chronic pain I took a hard look at cannabis. I have been on every pain medication imagined and decided years ago to stop taking these toxic chemical. I was recently injured and just could find no natural relief and was forced to get a prescription. As someone who only knew of the recreational use I watched a reality program and saw the hundreds of people who medically benefited from medical marijuana. Though still prohibited in my state I made the decision to grow my own medicine. I know what goes into it so I know what's going into me. I want to thank 420 magazine again, being a rookie at this I probably would have destroyed my plants. After reading and learning for months they are healthy and flourshing. I can't wait for the day to harvest and to be able to naturally treat my pain and chronic injuries.
but if we make mj legal what is going to happen to those who committed their crimes.. do they get reparations? and if we do make mj legal George bush wont be feeding as many in mates and that is less money in his pocket.. he has a co that makes prison food :)

life is all about choices and planning

Obama is not and will not be the president to handle mj because then there will be nothing to be spoken of in the 2016 race
the Ds will will the majority bc they will accept it and the Rs probably wont.. Rs make money through prison and shity ways and Ds make money off what the people want MJ..

if you see your grandma smoke it, hear your parents talk about smoking it, you smoke it and your presidents have smoked it.. why is it illegal?

IDIOCY! must stop now for the sake of the Human Race's future generation, my grand kids. With only a few clicks of the mouse Idiocy in the U.S. Federal Government revealed: DEA placed Marijuana under Schedule I drugs while at the same time has patents of its compounds...IDIOCY! The U.S. Government has a Medical Marijuana Program for the chosen few while thousands are in jail for taking the same medicine prescribed and supplied by the U.S. government....IDIOCY! If you want the truth look through the micro scope not to your politicians. Science does not lie...
YES...the word is spreading, faster & faster it seems ! The slowdown? Our Government is milking the cow like its the last one on earth. But ALAS !!! it is still all about the Quan for the drive to line our Politicians pockets with special interest money from the Pharmies & Oil cartels.

How about 'healthy living' so we could spend our money on vacations, RV's & entertainment instead of letting us die from pain and suffering and the State owning everything we have after they have drained every last penny.

We the PEEPS of the World do here by swear...its way past 'TIME' to let us have the BEST med in the world and stop all the BS and ACTUALLY care for the HUMAN RACE !

Happy New Year to ALL !
Having just joined the team here as a volunteer I reread the mission statement and it rings so true for me. With the economy the way it is it is so silly that people like myself and the other stellar growers on here cannot farm a quality product proudly. And the part about penalties and stigma particularly stings. I served 3 months for possession of a roach when I was 19 and it totally affected my path through life. No one else should have to go through what I did for something so trivial. Long live global cannabis awareness and 420 Magazine!
In a civilized human society scientific facts and living evidence like myself and thousands more who are benefiting from the medicinal efficacy of this marijuana, cannabis plant; would be considered concrete evidence. What civilized justice system does not accept concrete evidence. The very object of thousands of incarcerated peace loving, God fearing human beings cannot be use as evidence? The last time I checked we are not under a dictatorship...who can dictate what we put in our mouths...pharmaceutical or prison when we decide organic herbal medicine! Federal Government has patent on the medicinal compounds of marijuana, cannabis plant at the same time scheduled the plant I- no medicinal application. Thinkers, doctors and scientist are presenting their facts to the nation to stop this idiocy and reschedule to II so we can study and breed the plant's beneficial components. Science will bring to justice criminals...Lady Liberty is blind folded because she is not affected by propaganda...just concrete facts!
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