California Lawmakers Working To Prevent Pot Shortage


The Governor of Nevada made history earlier this month when he declared a “state of emergency” because the state was running out of marijuana.

It will go down in the annals of history as the great pot shortage of 2017.

This lack of weed occurred immediately after the state legalized the sale of marijuana for recreational use.

Dispensaries which previously only sold medical marijuana almost instantly became inundated with recreational customers.

Some shops reported 1000% increases in sales.

Now that fiasco has California lawmakers worried the same series of events could unfold in the Golden State when recreational marijuana hits store shelves in 2018.

However medical marijuana dispensaries in Bakersfield claim there is no need to worry about a shortage now, but if the government gets involved there will almost certainly be one.

The fear is by the government trying to streamline the process, they will inadvertently slow it down by creating unnecessary steps and redundancies.

A local pot shop employee, Alex Sanchez, told Eyewitness News Reporter Jeff Platt that if it were up to him growers would be able to start growing immediately.

“I would maybe make the formal regulations more lax and try to speed it up in terms of processing it and getting it out to the local individuals and the cultivators, so that way there isn’t a shortage and they can start as soon as possible.”

The state government becoming more lax in their growing regulations is unlikely for many reasons, the most pressing of which is too many people are anticipated to buy recreational marijuana for it to not be heavily regulated.

Another major reason for government involvement is the millions upon millions of tax dollars they stand to gain from a healthy marijuana economy.

So with the best interest of the state in mind lawmakers are exploring their options to ensure recreational marijuana in California doesn’t go up in smoke.

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