BongOutlet.Ca 14.5″ Ghost Bong Review


Smooth baby! As someone who tends to lean toward Old School with their combustion practices, I’ve found in recent years that it behooves me to open my mind to alternatives and advances in THC tech. A bong was always a bong back in the day, (Unless browsing a head shop, at which point they’re referred to as a water pipe); But these days glass blowers are producing everything from dragon shaped dab rigs to beaded bubblers and the selection is endless.

Percolators have always interested me so I decided to begin trying them as they become available to me. Ash catchers are another upgrade I’d never utilized, thinking they were a waste of good glass…I stand corrected. A big Thank you to Bongoutlet.Ca for setting me up with this fine piece of equipment featuring not only the ash catcher, but a double percolator design. I have always loved the beaker base bongs so this was a natural fit to start with. My other favorite feature has long been the diffuser style down tubes, which this piece has. Then comes the built in percolator(s), which can be found in a variety of styles. The Ghost is crafted with not one but two “trees” of four “fingers” each, for a total of eight fingers to cool and mellow your smoke, and as seems to be standard these days, ice catcher indentions to further chill your sesh if you wish.

At 14.5 inches tall, the 2″ tube can satisfy the deepest of lungs, while allowing the user the option of cutting the hit short for less stone. 5mm thick, high quality borosilicate glass ensures durability and peace of mind, while the “glass on glass” design from base to down-stem, and down-stem to bowl set it apart from lesser quality water pipes on the market. I’m still on the fence about the ash catcher, but seeing my water nearly pure after a week of heavy rips, I may make a permanent switch from traditional straight bowl set ups. I believe The Ghost comes in white as well, but I dig the black on the extra thick mouth piece, the ash catcher, the percolator trees and lettering, even the diffused down-stem has black lettering. The 18mm frosted neck joint and 14mm bowl joint make the Ghost interchangeable with THOUSANDS of other accessories like dab rigs, percolators, down-stems and ash catchers, and customizing is fun right!? The fact is, every design has its own personality and hits differently than any other. Smooth is smooth, though, and this thing is SMOOTH!! I’ve seen much less bong for much more coin, and would expect to see this unit sell for double in stores.

We all love to have our favorite piece, and for now this is mine. The Ghost can easily and affordably be yours at just under $75.00! Keep in mind, also, that Bongoutlet.Ca offers free shipping on orders over $99! They are also running a Buy One, Get 50% Off Of An Accessory with purchase of this bong. With many great add-ons (like cool bowl pieces and downstems), you can be medicating in style. Thank you Bongoutlet.Ca!

Review By: Quixilvir – Product Reviewer 420 MAGAZINE ®
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