Cannabis Indica: The Essential Guide to the World’s Finest Marijuana Strains – Volume 1 Review


First Impressions – Without a doubt, this book is drop-dead gorgeous. Rarely will you find a book with more incredible “bud” photography – featuring a whopping 100 strains from 100 different breeders. Every opposing page in the strain section contains a drool-worthy full-page color photo of the strain being featured, while additional photos adorn most of the description pages. All of the pictures and plants are of high quality and detailed. If what you are looking for is amazing bud and plant photos, aka: “bud porn”, than don’t even bother reading the rest of the review: Just go buy this book – you will love it!

In addition to looking sexy, “Cannabis Indica: The Essential Guide…Vol. 1” is also very well organized and detailed, with great descriptions and information for each strain. Perhaps a gold-mine for some, are the many tips from breeders on how to get the most from the particular strain, or grow styles that are conducive to a successful crop with the strain, etc. For the connoisseur grower, it’s immediately obvious that this book could be priceless reference material.

Digging deeper

The author does a nice job of prefacing the book with a bit of background on the book itself and the dedicated growers and breeders involved. Some background information is given on the different cannabis species and a few important milestones in cannabis breeding history. While some of it’s a bit basic, it’s important, and a good foundation for the rest of the book.

It didn’t take me long to be surprised by Volume 1 of this 2 part series. While I’m not sure if I qualify as a true connoisseur, I definitely consider myself studied in the popular strains and breeders of the day. “Cannabis Indica: The Essential Guide…Vol. 1” is bursting with incredible looking strains, from both large and small breeders from around the world. Additionally, it contains many strains that most people have probably never heard of, grown by smaller or less commonly known breeders who’ve dedicated their lives to this plant. I was wowed by insanely colorful and resinous strains with names like “Red Cross” and “Zombie Rasta” that I’d never even known existed until now.

Why you should buy this book

Cannabis Indica: The Essential Guide…Vol. 1” is a wonderful book that will appeal to many audiences. It’s both a stunning picture book for casual fans of cannabis, and invaluable reference book for the true connoisseur. It is filled with exotic, unique and sometimes off-the-beaten-path indicas from both locally and around the world.

If you want to step outside the lines a little, and explore indica genetics beyond what you can get at the popular seed-banks, you will really love this book. It’s the type of book that gives you so much more than what you’ll find online, and is no simple “cut and paste” effort.

As far as details, this book has just about everything you’d want. In addition to genetic information for each plant, and breeder growing tips, it contains meaningful descriptions for each strain regarding lineage and potency, and thoroughly describes what to expect as far as smell, taste and experience. I found the quantity and quality of the information on each strain to be excellent. The most important details are all there without getting in the way of the incredible photography.

Why this book might not be for you

I have a difficult time imagining that anyone would not like this book, if for no other reason than those truly inspiring plant and bud photos. However, for those interested primarily in strains they see in online forums, in the seed-banks, or in their local dispensary – this book might miss the mark slightly. In fairness, I should clarify that there certainly are strains in here that most people will recognize: Blueberry, Master Kush, and Lowryder just to name a few, but a great many of the strains and breeders may be unknown to all but the most dedicated connoisseur. Having said that, this less a critique than a matter of preference, as this book could serve as a great primer to a whole new world of strains and the breeders who grow them – which, personally, I can’t wait to explore!

Overall recommendation/summary: 9/10

It was a tough call, but I felt deducting a point was appropriate as there are bound to be some who are disappointed by the amount of relatively obscure strains in this book, though I do think that’s mostly personal preference. To the right customer, this book is likely a 10/10 – it’s truly is a gem.

Probably the best thing I can probably say about the book is this: I can’t wait to pick-up both volume 2, and: “Cannabis Sativa: The Essential Guide to the Worlds Finest Marijuana Strains” so that I can similarly further discover and explore the “sativa” side of the cannabis plant. Anyone who’s a fan of either indicas or cannabis photography will find plenty to enjoy in this book, especially if you are adventurous enough to explore cannabis beyond the most mainstream strains and breeders.

Book Review by: Xlr8 – 420 Magazine Staff Writer

Cannabis Indica: The Essential Guide to the World’s Finest Marijuana Strains