The IONIX Vaporizer Triple Punch Review


I’ve used a few vape pens but the Ionix Triple Punch by Grav Labs beats everything I have ever tried. Sent to me by VaporStore – The Original Online Vaporizer Vapor Store

The dab rig comes in very nice packaging that I use for travel. It has cut-outs in the foam to keep everything safe when out and about. This semi-portable dab rig is great for the table or carrying in a backpack for on the go use.

The Ionix Triple Punch comes in a variety of great colors and includes a base, a battery, a borosilicate mouthpiece, a cleaning spoon, a pack of 12 replacement coils, a micro USB Cable, and a wall charger. Grav Labs recommends changing coils every 30 days for the best taste.

This vape has three coils which is my favorite part. It also includes four buttons – three for each coil and one to power all the coils at once. I love to put a sativa oil in one, a heavy indica in the other, and CBD oil in the last coil. I hit the button that fires all three coils for a big hit. The coils hold a hefty amount of concentrate and are angled so there is less waste. The airflow is great, like hitting a bong. The glass mouth piece is so nice: it adds to the feeling of dabbing out of a bong. Lastly, I love the battery time on the device.

Anyone looking for cloudy portable dabs, look no further! Go to VaporStore – The Original Online Vaporizer Vapor Store and grab an Ionix Triple Punch by Grav Labs.

420 Magazine Product Review By: Rich Farmer
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