Magical Butter Review

Magical Butter
Magical Butter

Summary: 9.5/10

Works as advertised. This lovely appliance is to herbal butter what the rice cooker is to Sushi: indispensable. Total time spent, including opening box, washing unit, reading directions and making butter: 42 minutes. Ease of Use: Couldn’t be easier. Zero mistakes on the first try. Overall Value: Worth every penny. The fact that there is no clean up to speak of makes this product a bargain! The only negative, and it’s not a big deal, is the noise. It is a blender, afterall….and it sounds like one for a short period of time during the 2 hour cycle.

The Story:

I was asked to review this product in late December. I’ll admit, I was skeptical, but remained open minded and determined to give this thing a try! The box sat by my bed until 8:30 AM, January 1st, 2013.

On that day, I awoke a little thick-headed with a slight headache. Sluggish is a better description than hangover for the way I felt. What better time to do a product review? I reasoned with myself that if I could make this thing work in my current state of mind, anyone could do it.

So, I opened the box and discovered an obviously well made appliance. This is not in any way a cheap piece of junk! It’s designed very well, the parts are made of quality materials and fit together snugly. It just has the feel of quality. I was impressed, to say the least.


The directions were very easy to read! The operation of this device is all microprocessor controlled, leaving very little room for operator error…..perfect for an early morning hungover—I mean sluggish—product review.

I’ll summarize the instructions:

Put 2-5 cups of butter and 3-5 grams of your favorite herb into the machine. Press the “butter” button and the machine will do the rest. 2 hours later your butter is done and you can then add water and soap and press the “clean” button and the unit will clean up after itself.

Seriously, there’s not much more to the direction than that. Ease of use is a 10/10.

It also makes oil, milk shakes and there is a “Mushroom” button which I did not try.

Well, the directions said their favorite herb was Basil. So I woke up my wife and asked her if we had 5 grams of basil. She seemed irritated and went back to sleep.

So, not having the basil, I decided to use 1 ounce of resinous material I removed from my favorite plant using dry ice and a 220 micron screen.

Here’s What Happened:

Into the main body of the machine I put 5 cubes of butter and 28 grams of aromatic, resinous plant material. I then put the top of the machine on, plugged it in, and pressed the “butter” button. This process took nearly 3 minutes….and I was done handling the raw material at this point.

Immediately, a bunch of LED lights went off, the machine made some noise and it started blending the butter, heating it up, stirring it……all by itself. It was loud, like a muted blender during the blend cycle, which came on at intervals. As the program progressed through the butter making process, the blend cycles were spaced further apart and most of the time the appliance was silent.

Noise level during blend cycle: minus ½ point. This is the only negative and it’s really not a big deal at all. I’m grasping at straws here….and remember, I’ve got a headache! It’s New Year’s Day morning!

2 hours later, I had nice, gorgeous butter!

There was no smell, no smoke, and no mess! Did you hear that? No smell….

Clean up took no time at all. Add water and soap, press the button, rinse and done.

Why this Appliance is a MUST HAVE:

Herbal infused butter is both delicious and healthy. It’s also difficult to make and tends to create a smell that permeates the house, apartment, etc. Making butter the old fashioned way requires a crock pot or double boiler, a thermometer and about 2 hours of constant attendance and stirring.

If you cook it too hot, the herbs and their subtle qualities break down. If you don’t cook it enough, the herbs do not have the correct potency.

Well, with MagicalButter you don’t have to worry about anything. You don’t even have to grind up the herbs, as the MagicalButter even does that for you! This thing is too easy. No mistakes….perfect every time. You can make butter in under 5 minutes…press a button and literally leave the house and do something else!

Your herbal butter will come out the same way, time after time. That means more accurate recipes and better flavor!

There was nothing to clean up, no counter space lost, no mistakes made…..and perfect butter on the first try!

What a pleasure it was to read simple directions, press a button and have perfect herbal butter 2 hours later!

I look forward to making oil in the next few days and I’m sure it will just as easy! This little appliance is a true gem for those of us who enjoy herbal infused butter.

It is even better for people who use herbal oils for medical reasons, as Magical Butter is so simple to use even a person with serious disabilities could operate it successfully on the first try. If you can use a blender or microwave, you can use this machine.

Again, to re-summarize, this little gem delivers exactly what it advertises! That’s a rare quality for any company, especially in the genre of devices this appliance falls under. I love this machine and will give out 2 of them as gifts in the next couple months.


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