Vapor Brothers Concentrate Pens Review


Well, I’ve tested all kinds of pens and tabletop vapes over the years and I’ve always had a bit of trouble with the pens. In my experience, the first few hits of a typical heated coil/battery base type pen taste a bit like metal. Furthermore, after a modest amount of use it seems the pens no longer give as nice of draw and the threads get gummed up with concentrate oil, etc. I’ve always looked at vapor pens as a poor way to enjoy concentrates due to the obvious limitations when compared to a dabbing rig or a really nice tabletop vaporizer.

This all changed when I was introduced to the Vapor Brothers “Eleven” and it’s slightly smaller twin the VB Eleven Mini.

Both kits include USB chargers, a tool for loading concentrates and nice carrying cases. The VB Eleven comes with a silicon storage container, while the mini does not. Both units feature a wick-less, hollow ceramic core, a Titanium coil and a strategically placed hole in the cone for improved airflow.

The design allows for ultra-easy loading of concentrates, much easier than any pen I’ve used before. The carrying cases look like a sunglasses case for the larger Eleven kit and a cigarette case for the smaller Mini. Both feature a semi-stealth appearance. Indeed, I went looking for the Eleven kit for a few minutes mistaking it for my wife’s sunglasses case several times.

The 510 batteries are simple and easy to use and charge. The ceramic/titanium combo on the skillet creates absolutely pristine, perfect hits with no metallic or plastic tastes that are so common with other vaporizer pens. Batteries last a long time, dozens of hits on either are no problem at all.

Parts from the mini and regular sized pens are interchangeable. Everything is easy to remove and EASY TO CLEAN!It’s obvious that the folks who design these pens listen closely to their customers and have created pens that are truly user friendly while not compromising the taste and potency of the concentrate delivery method.

I have several other pens that use the same battery base and charger. When I use these other pens I really can’t tell one concentrate from the other as they all impart a burnt metal taste to the vapor. But with the VB Eleven I could easily distinguish Skywalker OG from Maui Wowie from Trainwreck based on flavor alone! Yes, the hits really are that clean.

I also had the pleasure of using the Glass Globe Heater which allows the user to see the vapor being created. Other than that, it is identical to the regular cones.

I found that I needed to take small draws in order to enjoy large, lung filling hits of vapor. Trying to take a large hit basically resulted in breathing in too much vapor which resulted in a short coughing spell. But it is quite easy to take smaller hits and enjoy the vapor in silence without the coughing, which is what my wife and I did in the movie theater without detection from anyone near us.

I always try to include pro’s and con’s in my reviews, but in this case I really don’t have anything under the “cons” category to mention. Both of these pens work perfectly, exactly as advertised with zero problems.

What’s not to like?

You can even get a choice of color and some customizing with an additional cost.

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Review By: Doc Bud
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