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You are still in the mindset that it is you feeding the plants.... just apply the microbes to your good soil and let them work. You really dont need all those other products to sweeten things, but there is no harm using them if you want to spend the money.

Also, using these microbe products you just mix them in water and pour... no brewing. If you brew a tea with all of these in there together you have just set up world war III in a bucket... many species will fight and annihilate the others... it won't be pretty. Mix and pour... super easy and it saves lives.
I promise I meant carbohydrates and goodies for the microbes not the plant I have been listening lol oh i see thank christ I ask woopsy! I've been adding them to teas now and then.

I will stop that and add them into plain old water instead! Hahaha ww3 love it! Haha thankyou emilya!!!

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