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  • Mitigating stress in controlled environments can be a challenge. I have a hard time remembering names of products there are so many good ones out there but I am most interested in the products that think outside the box. There's a product that I saw in action several months ago that uses stress to boost potency, it's a powder you add to top dress the soil. It contains jaw bones and other skeletal parts of Cannabis eating bugs and some how it triggers a response in the development of tricomes. Much like how a carnuba palm reacts to droughts and secretes wax to hold water in and to further protect from the intense sun the trichomes just exploded on his girls It's amazing that plants can sense the presence of bugs and respond with sap for protection. However, I can't find real scientific data to prove it either... Results are results lol
    7 am... I inspected the sleeping beauties but I don't think they got much sleep last night. They have started ripening quickly! There is a frosty draft getting in the garden and it turned some of Grape Escape top leaves purple.

    This is the first time I grew Purple Kush, usually when I grow OG or Bubba I let a little amber in but I heard Purple Kush is better cloudy. Patience is ready definitely. WW poofy head is 100% cloudy ready definitely. Grape Escape is cloudy with the amber around 20% , it's Sativa dominant so I assume some amber is good , patients GE always goes full amber and the effects are more back head and noddy. I want to cruise with Shiva so I am going to chop her soon too. I digress though.... One of my patients has a mite and thrips infestation and I have to show him how to spray using safers or ortho soap and then how to do a phyto wash later. Patient is growing WW Gen 3 cuts he likes amber and has a couple weeks to go, he's using 98 watt HI LED 710nm (extra red) COLOR at 2.1 par
    Oh mother nature how you can be so cruel. I noticed some stress nanners and baby seeds forming on the WW poofy head I kept for myself. It is right around week 8 for that one right now and the trics are cloudy but the hairs are still half white. Big Patience is a week from harvest as well, she was actually the first outdoor to indoor that started to flower which is different because my dispensary named it Patience because it takes 2 weeks after the timer is flipped. She is a cut from a new mother that was made 4 months ago and I have been perpetually growing Patience, Cafe Racer , Afghanica 1 , 2 and 3, Grape Escape for almost 2 years. I was hoping to be harvesting my plants by Halloween as an estimated time but when I reviewed my photo gallery I noticed the time stamps and got a better idea now. I'm impressed that they are resisting pests and diseases and humidity. I do wish I could have kept it arid but last second rescue and not being able to justify buying a dehumidifier for a few weeks only to put it in storage while I go nomadic. Tis life...
    Recipe for organic anti bug drench/spray concentrate.
    -1 liter of distilled water
    -14 grams rosemary
    -14 grams thyme
    -21 grams whole cloves
    Boil for 30 minutes and strain the tea into a bottle and keep it refrigerated.
    Every second watering add 2ml per liter of water without nutes , then add the nutes and adjust ph and within 2 weeks the bugs will noticeably mitigate.
    Foliar use distilled or bottled spring water 1ml per liter with 1tsp of black strap molasses and 2ml of calnesium or vitamin b but only one or the other. Spray both sides of the leaves and stems and if you spray nugs make sure you use a fan to ensure that they don't get rotten.

    This mixture works for most bugs , rabbits , deer and other critters and it was inspired by a bunch of sponsors products called sns , it's not as good as sns but it helps on a budget. If you are doing a grow for a medical patient it won't cut the mustard cdc guidelines are extremely strict about bugs in the bud and require purging to pass guidelines. This is more for pest mitigation for recreational gardens that don't have to comply with the laws.
    Winter cold has hit my room and the girls are powering through it but necrosis and botritis are starting to take hold. The heat was off all night and I finally got it back up to 60'f
    White Widow was cut. Patients grow went to heck so I'm donating it and one of the Patience for him. WW wet with big sticks 2873 grams. Patience, I didn't get to weigh it but I am guessing around 120 grams wet. I have to dehumidify my garage but I am broke..

    GL all! Don't go taking no wooden nickles ya'll mean?!

    Patient weighed it after manicure and removing telephone poles , 891.5 grams and it's still has about 5 days more to dry.
    Patient says still wet but further manicure and stem removal 597g
    Of bud and about 5 more days to dry. Patient is hoping for over 200grams. Patience gave him 34 grams at 62' humidity and he is burp curing with a jar. Patient has force dried 1g sample of WW and he reports a narcotic trance like high , still tastes green but the terpenes are evident. It has a subtle skunky citrus that lingers in the mouth and the smoke in the air reminds him of skunk and hash. He claims that the potency is beyond the dispensary WW that scored 23% but I reminded him that unless we have it tested we can't really say. I only have one strain that scores under 20 thc and that is my personally created autoflower strain called Wildrosebud.

    Wildrosebud is Lowrider Finnish Ruderalis X Pink Parvat then selected the biggest specimen male from the seeds of that cross and pollinated a female Romulan Grapefruit (WRB1 X Romulan Grapefruit. Then again I took the fastest male and crossed it with Deep Chunkolate (WRB2 X Deep Chunkolate) and then I took the fastest male from that cross a crossed it with Ladybugs OG (WRB3 X Ladybugs OG) and then I back crossed the fastest Female and male and created "Wildrosebud Autoflower 2014". 4 Phenotypes.
    1 Sativa structure classic Xmas tree shape with spear shaped colas and Pinkish hairs Smells just like Pink Parvat.
    2 Poly/tritop/quadtop Phenotype Indica looking leaves and Sativa Xmas tree structure. Tastes and smells like Deep Chunkolate
    3 Short Blue/Purple Indica Looking phenotype, smells crisp fresh fruit tastes like lavender
    4 Tall stretching not bushy Indica leaves and grows almost 4 foot long and 2L pop bottle sized colas smells like fresh fruit and Lavender tastes like lavender.
    All Phenotypes used to score 12%-19% thc and 2%-3% cbd
    Effects are warming and relaxing and the resin drips off the end of the joint often staining lips lol
    Mother list.
    Cafè Racer
    Afghanica #1 (Landrace) acts perennial
    Afghanica #2 (Landrace) leafy pheno
    White Widow #1 gen2
    White Widow #2 poofy hair pheno
    Purple Kush
    Green Purple Kush
    Grape Escape (Bannas and gas)
    Blue Cookies
    Patience (Northern Lights #5 1978 x Hindu Kush (original landraces)

    We also have Green Cush , Bubba Kush , Wildrosebud 2014 , Wildrosebud x Afghanica, Green Reefer , 3 way and so many more in the seed bank. It depends what the patients are feeling at the time for meds. I have to get my butt in gear and start helping my apprentice...
    Thanks for the follow bro!!

    Hope you were able to get the allergic reaction to subside!! :48:
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    Thanks man, unfortunately it is not getting better. This dentist I go too made me suffer for 2 weeks so I am looking for a new one.
    Free health care = minimal care
    Thanks meester , I am getting less anaphylaxis each day! I can't take the vaccines anymore because it shuts my immune system down.

    Hope you are doing well Baked. I have to catch up on some reading in the forum. I'll do it while I rock the smoker at moms Makin jerky lol

    Annoyed that I am basically being squeezed out unless I comply to the big narrative...

    Can't get a job without a vaccination card. Can't rent an apartment without it either. I am not a big fan of vaccines that are thrown together in a hurry but I am also not a fan of freezing in winter without shelter.... What a nasty headlock society has us in. Way I see it they will be held liable if I suffer because of it. Yes I got the shot. I have submitted to the overlords.
    If you ever want a headache, talk to someone from the group "Garden Myths" and listen to them tell you that Epsom salt is useless for plants. In 1800's a guy figured out NPK and to this day science is still trying to figure it out.
    Icebox morning brrr!
    Found a goofy leaf on my small white Widow plant ,looks like 2 thumbs and 4 fingers lol
    I live in one of the most dangerous cities in Canada. We have a majority population of meth addicts that took over and every day is like Benny Hill or violence. Human life seems to be cheap here...
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    Meth has ravaged through our province and it’s taking its toll!! [face palm]
    I'm 4 years clean from fentanyl/carfentanyl and I am on the rodp program. It runs rampant here and I lost count how many of my friends died from it. Cannabis has been a lifesaver for eating and sleeping and dealing with minor withdrawals for me.
    That’s great to hear man!! Super happy you’re 4 years clean!! That’s not an easy task to do… keep up the good work!! :high-five:
    Frosty cold morning. Grape Escape nugs doubled in size overnight. I also advanced the timer for midnight to noon , give a little stress midway through flowering. That trick only works once or twice and I don't suggest others use it. I want to shock ripen in 2 weeks using cold air. This crop has to be good I have to find a place to live and soon I won't have a garden it will be my apprentices and patients gardens maintained. It's-6 Celsius in the Hills where Peace was made. I already miss summer.
    Cold morning, fed the girls humic acid , calcium magnesium, vitamin b , black strap molasses, microbial Mass, 3 step food ph perfect, bud booster , big bud 0 15 35 and a touch of pgr. Tested ph 6.2. The humates darkened the soil nice I have to keep it dark I flower rootbound plants it's a stress thing I do to make more hash and potency. So far best I got was 32% with my Afghanica strain which I may be retiring due to a hormone issue the mother has. She stays in flower even if she's under 24/7/365 and she's a slow cloner. Landrace world problems. I was lucky to get her and my patients and I enjoyed her for over a year. Tasted creamy and sorta a taste reminds me of hotdogs water. Afghanica is so unique. It looks kind of like a indica hybrid but she's not a indica nor sativa nor Ruderalis. She's a Afghanica. Her effects are vast but the feeling is a lot like Shiva with a severe euphoric and long lasting buzz that hits fast intense and tapers into a mellow cerebral high with couch lock if you relax and energy without any focus at all. I have a mere 5 seeds left and they are not guaranteed to be that particular phenotype so this is going to be hard. My Patience is in week 5 flower. She has 4 weeks to go but she is totally viable for getting high and benefit from the medicinal properties and her flavor is earthy hashy haze. The strongest we grew was around 30% , it is a cross of Male Landrace Northern Lights #5 x Landrace Hindu Kush the hk that enhances sexual experiences. Jiggy jiggy. This is my first run of Purple Kush by crop king seeds. They claim 24% thc so that should be interesting. It's by crop king. I have never grown a pk like this. The bud changes to dark purple almost black when it is drying. It is an extremely leafy plant! She's very fussy eater and she is fussy with lighting and temperature.
    White Widow is also crop king and they claim 25%. Let's see if I can mitigate enough stress to make it in the 30's lol I won't hold my breath. Grape Escape, my friends wife got the seeds in bud when she was in Jamaica and she says when we grow it it hits her 10 times harder. Ours scored 19% thc and it tastes like fuel and smells exotic. The stems are purple and the green is almost pinkish underside. The Grape Escape I'm growing is going to be way stronger than 19% I have it dialed in. We have blue cookies crop king as well. Tastes like peppery dirt. Tastes like fresh dirt. Couch locker. No test done my tester is no longer available.
    Tough morning so far. Turned and rearranged the girls and fighting 75 humidity. Using a 750 cfm 8" vivosun fan for circulation. Thinking about using my brother's propane firepit for co2 and to reduce the humidity but I am sketchy about it lol
    Just realized it will take me 30 minutes Just to turn the plants due to tight space... I really wish I had more space for my 5x5x6.5 tent! It would bump up my yield by at least 20%.... Source lighting is great and all but I am wanting to get a good quantity so I can take a couple months off and focus on my patients grows. My health issues are meddling with my life and I am falling behind.
    Up and atem working on the girls early today. Got a cold spell last night so I had to turn the heater on and I also had to dehumidify the room as well. White Widow big girl is showing the first indications that she has 3-4 weeks to go she's also a Purple phenotype. Little White Widow is still in booster stage along with Purple kush and Grape Escape and 2 Patience. I harvested 2 plants in the farm plot couple nights ago so I am also doing gas exchange dry/cure , it's my absolute favorite way to dry and cure and it takes only 2-3 days from chop to be able to toke. I am recovering from dental surgery so I am playing catch up with the indoor crop. I am only allowed 8 plants indoors and after this crop it's going to be 4 plants max so I can perpetually crop 4 every month. I was perpetual for almost 2 years before the eviction so I feel desperate for weight and quality therefor I am growing for weight and quality. It would also be nice if I could do a cosmetic grow but the quality suffers without using my 5x5 tent.
    Pain level 3/10
    Mood level 510
    Plants condition 7/10
    Outdoor temperature -3 Celsius
    Grow room temperature/humidity 20 Celsius 80 humidity, drying out the room now..
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