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  • thanks sonzor, your journal is always of interest to me. great job on the seeds my friend.
    I hope to be able to reciprocate soon. Seems forever before I can repeat a rep.
    i will do that if i get any info , but jeez are those things destructive and at the end to lol something eats them in the beginning or start of flower bummer,but 45 days before harvest crushed me lol
    hey sanzor,
    i was reading a grow joournal where you asked about fogponics.did you ever get a replie on that or research it. its serously one of the best systems i have ever seen in use. the rowth rate was unbelievable, i know they sau aero is GREAT BUT ONCE YOU'VE SEEN IT AT WORK I THINK ITS THE MOST INVENTIVE SYSTEM YOU'LL EVER SEE.
    Not a problem. I dried my colas intact and then broke them up when I put them into the mason jars to cure. ;-)
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