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1st time grower

  1. Hydroponian

    1st Timer - Hydro - Vanilla Kush - Lemon Skunk - Big Bug

    400MH (getting the HPS later in grow) 4 Gallons in reservoir (thinking of making it 5) Timer Digital thermometer/hydrometer Rockwool cubes General Hydroponics Ebb N Flow switchable ballast pH tester + pH UP and DOWN Holland Secret nutrient Micro 5-0-2 Grow 2-1-7 Bloom 0-6-4 Cardboard...
  2. 1st timer

    1st Timer's Indoor Soil Grow Journal 2010

    :thumb: Hi to all,Welcome to my grow Journal. This is a first grow for me ( a bit of a experiment ) I started off with some seeds in a bag(good shit) thought i'd give it a go at growing.I germinated 10 seeds and all sprouted within a few days,i was going to grow outdoors,but with the crappy...
  3. E

    3 plants slight yelowing. Transplant? Grow big?

    So.... i have many ?s and need your help please. i am a 1st time grower and have 3 plants growing from clones. there is some yellowing. and i have yet to use nutrients. there is also a plant with an odd colored stem. see pic the plants are about 4 weeks old. how long should i leave them...
  4. E

    Emseegusto's / Indoor / Unknown Strains / 2010

    Im not sure as to what type of strain these are but I did overhear "JD" being mentioned at the shop where I got em. I have 3 plants growing from clones. Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? No sure what they are. they are about 2-3 weeks old. I'm growing them indoors. As this...
  5. E

    Greetings from Califonia!

    whats up everybody. i just got my cannabis card and started growing 3 plants out of clones i bought from a dispensary. dont know what strain they are but i do recall hearing JD. i will upload pics soon. hopefully today. be blessed my friends and keep smoking :tokin::peace2:
  6. N

    1st Grow Pot of Gold, Purple Punch, Sweet Diesel Kush, The BIG Fuzz

    Hi there, New to growing and new to the community, alreaddy a little ways into my grow so ill catch you up. Grow Space - 2'L x 2'W x 4'H Exhaust - 4" Dayton Axial 105 CFM (Gives me good negative airflow i love it) Light - 150 Watt Hps 16k lumen Soil - Fox Farm's Ocean Forrest Containers - 7.5"L...
  7. 4


    I will soon be legal and was hoping someone out there would be kind enough to help me with my growing. My state has a limit to how many plants I can have. I am allowed 6 total. I was thinking 1 mother then switching between 2 clones and 3 flowering to 3 clones and 2 flowering. I was...
  8. damnyourhot

    Can i flower this yet?

    dammit all the hell i wrote this and acc closed the browser window aghh i hate myself right now ok i have two plants one small one taller taller on has broader leaves lighter color shorter one darker color longer skinny leaves i think i may have a sea of green plant seed witht he shorter...
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