600 watt hps

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    Sativa hybrid day 1 week 6 of the flowering period
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    Officially the first day of week 5 I to the flowering period
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    Setiva hybrid
  4. Greenwing blunt

    Hey Guys First Time Member - Just Wanted To Share My Grow With You All

    Not shore if I am posting this in the right thread but here I am. This is my lady she is a sativa hybrid grown under a 600 watt hps using coco part A and B along with bio and bloom excalarator and pk topup, she is currently 3 weeks into flowering but I will post the photos week one from...
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    Flowing sativa
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    Sativa week 3 of flowering
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    4x4 600w grow
  8. S

    Yield and using a light rail?

    I run with 3 600 watts hps to flower the last 4 weeks of flowering, how much would my yield drop if I use a light rail and drop down to 1 light? or I was thinking of mounting a bracket to the light rail and mounting 2 lights to it for a wider more even coverage..
  9. Hashassinz

    600 watt hps light spacing

    Damn found an insane deal for 90$ for 600 watt hps light with digital ballast, bulb and reflector. This my first time running more than one light. So wanted to know what is a good spacing for the lights to be hung at. Seeing all sorts of different info but looks like 5 to 6 feet apart might be...
  10. B

    Hydro NFT - 600W - Super Skunk White Label

    Greetings fellow reader. I bid you welcome in my grow room. I hope you will enjoy and why not, satisfy your eventual curiosity about my setup The Strain: Super Skunk -Mostly indica this strain should provide me robust and fast growing and flowering plants Breeder: White Label Feminised...
  11. Y

    Yorik's 1st Real Multi-Strain Hydro Journal - 2016

    Whats going on everyone. Long-time reader first-time poster. This will be my 3rd grow officially but I choose not to acknowledge the first 2 as they were baggies and I wasn't to pleased with the outcome of my DIY attempt and harvest. After those debacles, I decided to splurge and get a proper...
  12. BillBud

    AutoFem Grow - 600W HPS - 20/4 - Kush N Cheese - Dr K Incredible Bulk - Royal Cheese

    Hi Guys, First Auto grow. -600w HPS -Basic extractor & fan kit -Tent: 1x2, 1x2, 2m -Bio Bizz light mix soil (30% perlite added) -10 litre round buckets -Basically been reading shit loads on peoples experiences and advice. Used logic and what knowledge I could to put together my...
  13. M

    AutoMazar Grow - Brown Spotting/Rust - Please Help!

    :420: This is Automazar #1 in week 4 of flower. It has Brown spots or rust. Please Help !! This is Automazar #2 and its week2 of Flower and it also has some issues. Brown spots. :thanks:
  14. M

    Auto-Flower Grow - CAL/MAG deficiencies? I Need a Green Thumb! S-O-S

    I am a on week 3 of Bloom and i have some brown on my leaf blades and the lower leaves are turning yellow and brown. (My run off Ph was 6.8)somebody please help me out. Here are a few pictures from today. Temp 77 Humdity- 45% Nutrients- Roots Organics :420::thanks:
  15. C

    ScrOG! 600w hps 5-plants with pics

    Hello there everyone! This is my third attempt at growing some beautiful buds! I have been dabbling with cfls inside and done a couple outdoor grows. So Im going with the ScrOG technique to hopefully get as much bud per watt! I would love feedback since I'm definitely still a beginner. The...
  16. H

    Lighting, pot size and grow space

    Yes! This is my first grow :) (indoor using soil) so any info is helpful- I just bought a 600 watt HID with a cooled hood and a digital dimmable ballast + timer. How many plants will I be able to grow?. How much grow space can a 600 watt cover?? My ceiling is only 8 feet What size should my...
  17. T

    TommyKarma's Indoor Aurora Indica Grow 2012

    Hi everyone, welcome to my first indoor grow. I've had several successful outdoor grows but they are not documented on the net. I am now for the first time trying to grow indoor and will start with five plants. (btw: photo's will be posted as soon as possible, haven't got a camera yet.)...
  18. A

    1st Grow, 600w, coco/perlite, THC Bomb, Barney's LemonSourDiesel, ?clone?

    Howdy all! aggrowman is me, these are my babies, and this is my first go round. Sorry for the crummy cell phone pics. I hope to obtain a decent camera soon, but until then, this will have to do for now. I've been scouring the various forums for months before i started this grow and i think all...
  19. A

    First Grow - 600 Watt - Soil - FF Nutes

    Welcome to my first grow. I would like to first thank Mr. Krip, Siscokid and Twelve12 for their contributions to the world of growing. I have tried to meticulously track their lessons and tips, and apply them to my grow. Currently here is my setup: Flowering Room: 600 Watt HPS...
  20. C

    White Widow x Big Bud 4 Week Flower

    Hi, I'm on week 4 of flowering some nice white widow x big bud, I'm using a 1.2 m2 grow tent with a 600 watt has and a rhino filter, I'm using a lot of the house and garden range of nutes and it's all in 20 litre pots full of coco! It's my first grow so I'd like to know if they look ok? Will put...