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600 watt hps

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    3 x Skywalker OG 3 x Big Bud 2020 Harvest
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    Sativa and indica hybrid grow week 3 to 4 of the flowering period.
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    Sativa hybrid day 1 week 6 of the flowering period
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    Officially the first day of week 5 I to the flowering period
  5. 20180521_152528.jpg


    Setiva hybrid
  6. Greenwing blunt

    Hey Guys First Time Member - Just Wanted To Share My Grow With You All

    Not shore if I am posting this in the right thread but here I am. This is my lady she is a sativa hybrid grown under a 600 watt hps using coco part A and B along with bio and bloom excalarator and pk topup, she is currently 3 weeks into flowering but I will post the photos week one from...
  7. 20180517_105754.jpg


    Flowing sativa
  8. 20180517_124133.jpg


    Sativa week 3 of flowering
  9. IMG_20180505_235343.jpg


    4x4 600w grow
  10. S

    Yield and using a light rail?

    I run with 3 600 watts hps to flower the last 4 weeks of flowering, how much would my yield drop if I use a light rail and drop down to 1 light? or I was thinking of mounting a bracket to the light rail and mounting 2 lights to it for a wider more even coverage..
  11. Hashassinz

    600 watt hps light spacing

    Damn found an insane deal for 90$ for 600 watt hps light with digital ballast, bulb and reflector. This my first time running more than one light. So wanted to know what is a good spacing for the lights to be hung at. Seeing all sorts of different info but looks like 5 to 6 feet apart might be...
  12. B

    Hydro NFT - 600W - Super Skunk White Label

    Greetings fellow reader. I bid you welcome in my grow room. I hope you will enjoy and why not, satisfy your eventual curiosity about my setup The Strain: Super Skunk -Mostly indica this strain should provide me robust and fast growing and flowering plants Breeder: White Label Feminised...
  13. Y

    Yorik's 1st Real Multi-Strain Hydro Journal - 2016

    Whats going on everyone. Long-time reader first-time poster. This will be my 3rd grow officially but I choose not to acknowledge the first 2 as they were baggies and I wasn't to pleased with the outcome of my DIY attempt and harvest. After those debacles, I decided to splurge and get a proper...
  14. BillBud

    AutoFem Grow - 600W HPS - 20/4 - Kush N Cheese - Dr K Incredible Bulk - Royal Cheese

    Hi Guys, First Auto grow. -600w HPS -Basic extractor & fan kit -Tent: 1x2, 1x2, 2m -Bio Bizz light mix soil (30% perlite added) -10 litre round buckets -Basically been reading shit loads on peoples experiences and advice. Used logic and what knowledge I could to put together my...
  15. M

    AutoMazar Grow - Brown Spotting/Rust - Please Help!

    :420: This is Automazar #1 in week 4 of flower. It has Brown spots or rust. Please Help !! This is Automazar #2 and its week2 of Flower and it also has some issues. Brown spots. :thanks:
  16. M

    Auto-Flower Grow - CAL/MAG deficiencies? I Need a Green Thumb! S-O-S

    I am a on week 3 of Bloom and i have some brown on my leaf blades and the lower leaves are turning yellow and brown. (My run off Ph was 6.8)somebody please help me out. Here are a few pictures from today. Temp 77 Humdity- 45% Nutrients- Roots Organics :420::thanks:
  17. C

    ScrOG! 600w hps 5-plants with pics

    Hello there everyone! This is my third attempt at growing some beautiful buds! I have been dabbling with cfls inside and done a couple outdoor grows. So Im going with the ScrOG technique to hopefully get as much bud per watt! I would love feedback since I'm definitely still a beginner. The...
  18. H

    Lighting, pot size and grow space

    Yes! This is my first grow :) (indoor using soil) so any info is helpful- I just bought a 600 watt HID with a cooled hood and a digital dimmable ballast + timer. How many plants will I be able to grow?. How much grow space can a 600 watt cover?? My ceiling is only 8 feet What size should my...
  19. T

    TommyKarma's Indoor Aurora Indica Grow 2012

    Hi everyone, welcome to my first indoor grow. I've had several successful outdoor grows but they are not documented on the net. I am now for the first time trying to grow indoor and will start with five plants. (btw: photo's will be posted as soon as possible, haven't got a camera yet.)...
  20. A

    1st Grow, 600w, coco/perlite, THC Bomb, Barney's LemonSourDiesel, ?clone?

    Howdy all! aggrowman is me, these are my babies, and this is my first go round. Sorry for the crummy cell phone pics. I hope to obtain a decent camera soon, but until then, this will have to do for now. I've been scouring the various forums for months before i started this grow and i think all...
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