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  1. Bubblegum Autoflower-Outdoor Grow 2023-Grow Journal

    Bubblegum Autoflower-Outdoor Grow 2023-Grow Journal

    Day 12 Bubblegum Autoflower Will move outdoors at 14 days above ground, into a large mesh butterfly enclosure
  2. Cannagrowerled

    Completed 2 Auto Tangerine Dreams In CocoCoir

    And here we go! Lights: 600w led 4000k linear high bay Medium: coco coir in 5 gal fabric pots Will be in the 4x8 tent. I have one 5 gal pot filled with washed and buffered coco. I washed with a metal strainer and buffered in 500ppm of calmag (lil extra I know) twice for 10hrs each time. I am...
  3. V

    How are my seedlings doing?

    Hello guys!! First time grow here. My seedlings are 4 days old, I'm growing diesel, gorilla and northern light autos. As this is my first grow I have no clue if I'm doing correctly :confused: Any input, advice would be much appreciated. By what I can tell, they're doing fine although I'm a...
  4. 6

    DWC autoflower help needed!

    Hi this is my first time posting so if i do anything wrong be sure to correct me on the The issue i have some autoflowers an been having some issues over the last week which i thought was nute burn but i cut the nutes by 50% an the problems still there my ppms are around 400 ive beeb using...
  5. hyperluv

    Completed Hyperluv's 1st Offical Grow Coco-Perlite Multiple Autos T5 & PS1000 LED - 2016

    Hi All, here goes my official 1st grow. I had an unplanned grow with some bags seeds that produced crap so far (spider mites, transplant shock, males which I thought were females, etc..). In fact, the one plant and two clones I have left are still growing. They went to veg from flower twice...
  6. G

    Advice with autos feed etc

    hi all this is my 1st post and i hope some of you can give me some advice i have 1 x purple queen 2 x choc skunk (my fav) 1 x monster skunk 1 x ak 49 and 1 x amnesia haze all autos i have only been growing for around 6 years i have done regs but autos suit me better anyway i stopped growing for...
  7. B

    Abandoned Barneys Farm Auto Blue Cheese - DIY Closet - Grow

    What up 420 people I took a break from growing but it stayed on my mind the hole time I stopped . Couldnt help myself and ended up with 5x Barneys Farm Auto Blue Cheese feminized seeds . I use a light soil mix with added perlite , prefed with Root it root nutrients and Ionic veg nutrients ...
  8. T

    Autoflower feeding and watering

    Hi guys hope someone could clear this topic up for me please any help would be appreciated. I got a Nebula Autoflower fem and a Candy cane Autoflower fem. Im wondering as i couldnt find any good answer online. My question is this how ofter do i feed the auto or do i feed it at all for the first...
  9. weedman79

    Completed Crop Kings - NYC Diesel Auto - Ice Wreck Reg - LED Grow

    1. Roots organic soil-will be using distilled water 2.300w led 3. millard grow tent farm nutes 5.Lights will be 18-6 whole way 6.Crop King seeds- Nyc Diesel Auto- Ice wreck reg 7.Seeds are in a glass of water till tomm, and then damp paper towel in warm, dark place..then into 3gallon...
  10. M

    I need help - Very hot and I'm desperate

    My English is very bad and I use google translate. I'm sorry for that. I've used dinafem sourdiesel AutoFlow seed. I am the second week of flowering. I did a bit amateurish scrog. Advenced nutrients hobbyist would apply the bundle programs. I'm using 2x600 watts. and 27 liters airpots. where...
  11. H

    Little Help? Advice or words of wisdom from experinced growers.

    Alright guys this is my first grow ever. I have done a tremendous amount of journal/ blog reading for the past few months. Don't want to get caught in small details to start my first journal so I suppose ill get right into it. Set-Up: 2x4x7 Grow Tent. 600w HPS Light with a wing reflector. As...
  12. B

    Abandoned Beateo's Winter 2015 Multi-Strain Indoor CFL Grow in Soil

    Here are the strains I have on deck for this pending journal: 1. Vision Seeds: AK-49 Autoflower (3) 2. World of Seeds: Amnesia Fem. (2) 3. Delicious: Critical Super Silver Haze Fem. (3) 4. Sleestack Skunk Reg. (2) The Sleestack Skunk & Haze were strains from my first grow. I was...
  13. C

    Abandoned Royal AK Auto - 250W HPS - First Indoor Grow!

    Hi everyone! I've been browsing through this website alot in the past few months, because I've been hoping to grow something for myself one day. Finally this year I got an opportunity to gather the knowledge and the passion for cannabis plants and start my very first grow! Although there...
  14. daTenshi

    10 days old Lowryder AF

    Hey guys, I have two lovely lowryder autoflower babies. They 10 days old and need to be transplanted ( I know now they should have went into final pot, my bad ) and I gave them their first feed 2 days ago when I last watered. I will be transplanting later tonight before they go to sleep. Do I...
  15. H

    NEW 420MAG USER, Please Read

    Hi guys i joined 420magazine a few days ago and unlike other forums I really enjoy this one.... top notch. I live in the UK and loveee smoking budz Iv got my first grow up and running now it is an Autoflower with the strains Think Different & Jock Horror Here is the link : Think Different...
  16. B

    Auto Flowering Seeds

    Hi, I would appreciate any help answering these questions i'm a complete newbie and have never grown before. I am not hugely bothered on how the first grow turns out as It was just a little bit of fun I wanted to see if I could harvest my own. 1. Is it possible to grow without the grow tent...
  17. R

    Kush-O-Matic 1st grow - Soil, 400w HPS, Sweet flowering pics!

    Here are some pics of my ladies in flower. Looking ok for my first ever ghetto set up grow. I have a journal Kush-O-Matic 1st Grow - Ghetto Setup!
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