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I would appreciate any help answering these questions i'm a complete newbie and have never grown before.
I am not hugely bothered on how the first grow turns out as It was just a little bit of fun I wanted to see if I could harvest my own.
1. Is it possible to grow without the grow tent? (seeds say small/medium size)
2. What would be the best commercial use soil/compost to use e.g from b&q or homebase?
3. What lighting is completely necessary for the growth of the seedling?

Thanks for taking the time to read and thanks in advance for any answers!


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Hi and Welcome!

1. No you do not need a grow tent, any where you can have light (artificial or natural) this plant will thrive in, especially auto's.
2. Commercially available mixes for veggies is best. Or mix your own. DO NOT USE Miracle Grow!
3. The sun is usually the best option, but there are a wide array of lights you could use. Each with their own pros and cons. I usually still suggest HPS lights, but I have seen great results with LED's.

Do some more reading, grow some lettuce while you wait. All plants work similarly, just have to get used to each one individually.

Read through the grow faqs they help alot


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Thanks for your help.
I ended up just grabbing some auto flower seeds (nirvana bubblicious)
After germinating just popped in a pot with multi purpose compost and leaving on the window sill as it's been quite sunny the last few weeks.
That was about 3 weeks ago and it seems to be growing okay so far but the weather has got pretty bad now so hopefully will still grow fine.
I'm happy you mentioned the miracle grow because one of my friends told me to use some but I will make sure I don't now.
I think i'm just going to let it grow (no nutrients) and see what happens as I have more seeds anyway :)

Thanks for your help :Namaste:
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