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    This one is one the newest at day 4 since dropped in coco.
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    Autos-Blew Hiller GH Summer Grow
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    Auto Hempy grow
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    Newest gift very blessed and lucky man I am. Such great fiends on here .. Brooklyn Sunrise autos up for sure third maybe ?
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    Blew Hiller GH Summer 2018-autos germing
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    Autos week 8-10
  7. flytier

    Flytier's Quasi-Aquaponic Salmon-Based Organic Autoflowering Perpetual SPoG® SoG

    Hey Everybody, and thanks for tuning in. I've bumped up my production a bit today. I'm sizing down my pots to grow more plants more frequently. I got my hands on some smaller buckets today to grow them in. A friend of mine grew a Northern Lights SoG in buckets that were just barely bigger then...
  8. InTheShed

    InTheShed Grows Autos & Photos, Inside & Out: Jump In Any Time

    Well, this auto grower has jumped into Clone World because I got an offer, and who am I to turn down free plants! Details: - ILGM AK-47 fem (x2): 20:1 THC/CBD, 60% Indica/40% Sativa - ILGM Gold Leaf fem: 21:"high" THC/CBD (really ILGM, what the heck does that mean?), 35% Indica/65% Sativa...
  9. PhobosAnomaly

    Borealis Basin Autos - With Phobos

    :Namaste: The autos compel me to tell their stories. In a much less intimate way, they were really pushy about it. They will only be referred to by strain, not by nickname. I'll be keeping a variety of autos in a perpetual journal. I have many to choose from and may let the readers decide...
  10. goofyfoot

    Autos - 3rd Time's A Charm

    Howdy All 420 People Just figured I would try and record some grow stuff as I start up with a winter time grow. My third time with Autoflowers and really grown to like them. The fact that they are starting to bust out pistils in3 weeks is crazy. Also being able to chop at more likely 75 to 85...
  11. G

    What Is The Best Strawberry Auto?

    Am picking out a couple of fruity autos and wondered which are the best strawberry strains?
  12. K

    Help! About photos and autos!

    Got confused between my seeds and was sure i was planting an auto Now my seedlings are 1 week old in a 3 gallon pots. Its my first grow and i want to do it right Should i start over with autos (as in i wanna grow only autos) or should i let this one go and see if its ok My pots are air pots
  13. C

    Are these too small?

    Hi, I'm growing NL autos under a 300 watt LED, it's a closet grow. I'm just wondering if these are small in height for two week ladies? I'm wondering if she's root bound but I'm reluctant to transplant as I know it's not good for autos, any advice or comments appreciated thanks.
  14. AtmozFear

    AtmozFear's Perpetual Coco - Purple Crack, Granddaddy Purp & Two Autos

    I started growing with RDWC seven years ago, which was also my first growing experience overall, and I came to one important conclusion with full-on hydro: not only keep the ph under control, but use nutrients themselves to bring up, bring down or, most importantly, keep the ph level and...
  15. K

    Autos outside during the day

    Hi, So I have 3 autos going, pineapple express, crystal meth and skunk #1 I also have 1 photo, golden goat. They are all in my small grow room with 20/4 lighting. I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on putting them outside during the day when it's nice out? Thanks
  16. F

    Question about an Auto Cotton Candy & an Auto Critical Kush - Thanks for the help!

    I have my first Auto's for my meds that are on day 54, How do they look? The Cotton Candy smells wonderful,is sticky and still gaining mass. I'm just not sure how long she has left from looking at her. Any suggestions? The other is Critical Kush, that is also 54 days old and I'm thinking these...
  17. L

    Group Grow - Autos Only - Seeds Must Be In Soil By The 25/07/2017 Latest

    Watzuuuuup 420 family, I have 2 journals up already and had a lil bit of a mishap over the weekend (fan fell and killed 2 of my autos). Needless to say im starting another 2 autos off , put bean to soil today and thought it would be cool if we had a journal where a bunch of us could share our...
  18. L

    The Lion Man's Organic Autos

    Watsup 420 crew, I started the germinating process of my autos today and cant wait to get them in soil and going. This will be my 1st time ever growing autos so I am keen like a bean haha. Im from South Africa and its not the easiest to get good genetics/seeds, I got these Auto seeds from...
  19. Mike Oxbigg

    First Try With Autos & LED's

    Hi y'all.. been lurking around for a lil bit, and I got to say I've been getting alot of great info here. I decided to start growing my own medicine since the local dispensary has let me down with their quality and the prices.. I'd be just as well off finding some shitbag selling on the...
  20. coralman

    Auto v Photo

    Whats the deal with autos, are the yields and potency really that bad like i keep reading? i really want to try some but dont want to waste time and money if they are going to be rubbish. I know theres a lot of variables but realisticly if i were to put 9 autos in 5gallon pots soil under a...
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