1. D

    My, My It's Strawberry Pie, Fast Buds Autos

    Time for another grow! This grow will be Strawberry Pie autos and the will be "high light". It's taken a while, three grows and a lot of reading and viewing, to adopt that approach. Over the course of my last grow, I finally allowed the data presented by researchers to overcome my following...
  2. Roy Growin

    @CoffeeShopSeeds Sponsored Seeds

    And we're off, starting with Gorilla Glue #4 Automatic Added a few drops of Humic to some boiled water and set pH to 6.0 for the soaking solution (seeds and plugs) I have set the incubator to 24C and pre-warmed a jug of plugs and a shot glass for soaking overnight These will go into the plugs...
  3. Heavenly Hybrid

    Completed Double H: Second Grow With MarsHydro, SP3000 Over Three Autos

    Hello again my grow buddies! After a little grow break, I’m ready to get started again and power up the MarsHydro SP3000 tent. :Rasta: This time I’ll be growing three autos: Jack Herer, OG Kush, and Mandarin Cream XL. Now if you followed my last Mars grow, you might remember that I already...
  4. Roy Growin

    Dutch Kush, LSD, Strawberry Gum Grow Diary

    Dutch Kush & Acid - can't remember what the freebies were Bio with babies, class A's for buds is working for me Two are leggy and will require surgery, wish I knew what the bushy one was Any guesses invited
  5. WalterGamer8

    New Grow Journal: I'll Try To Make It Based

    Like the title says this is my first journal and this grow is my second grow ever last grow i did was around a year and it went pretty average but i wasn't happy with the results so i took a break from growing marijewana. Anyways a couple weeks ago I thought to give it another try so here i am...
  6. G

    Tips changing colors: Maybe light burn?

    So another problem I got.. the new growth on my plants on the tips of the leaves they are changing color. I had just moved them under stronger lights the nib turns ten times but the first turn the light don't turn on.... So I guess there is only 9 turns. The lights are scorpion rspecs 600 watts...
  7. Heavenly Hybrid

    Completed Double H & MarsHydro Sponsored Journal: Perseverance

    Greeting! It’s 4/20 and what better way to celebrate, than to start up my first sponsored journal with @Mars Hydro!! They have very graciously supplied me with the SP3000, and I couldn’t be any more excited to try this sweet baby out! :3: A huge thank you @Mars Hydro :thanks: I’m so grateful...
  8. VexGrows

    Vex's 1st Auto Flower Adventure Under New LED Lights Sponsored By WEEGrow

    Hello Friends and Fellow Growers, Welcome to my first ever sponsored journal. I am excited to share my experience with you all. First, I want to thank @420 and its awesome sponsors for offering great products/prizes to 420Mag members. I especially want to thank @OfficialWEEGrow for sending me...
  9. IMG_20200913_150610.jpg


    Autos brotha in laws
  10. IMG_20200913_150614.jpg


    Cola shot autos
  11. IMG_20200913_150620.jpg


    Thier two autos I get to taste it
  12. Photo 4a - DDA1 - AF.jpeg

    Photo 4a - DDA1 - AF.jpeg
  13. Photo 4 - DDA1 - BF.jpeg

    Photo 4 - DDA1 - BF.jpeg
  14. Photo 3a - DDA1 - AF.jpeg

    Photo 3a - DDA1 - AF.jpeg
  15. Photo 3 - DDA1 - BF.jpeg

    Photo 3 - DDA1 - BF.jpeg
  16. Photo 2 - DDA1 - BF.jpeg

    Photo 2 - DDA1 - BF.jpeg
  17. Photo 1a - DDAs - After Fertigation.jpeg

    Photo 1a - DDAs - After Fertigation.jpeg
  18. Liam300

    What’s chewing on my leaves?

    Hey guys! Thanks for viewing and helping me out. I got 2 auto flowers that are a month old. strain- Northernlightsxbigbud, purple haze Soil-oceanforest Ph-6.5 Cycle- beginning to flower Light- 20/4 Watering- every 3 days or so till slight run off Nutes-FoxFarm trio, just used cal mag for the...
  19. MaPilot

    White Widdow Autos

    I topped these bad boys several times, being in hydro they recovered quickly. they are around two weeks into flower now. I never tried to top an auto before, but seeing as how fast they tend to grow in hydro I went for it. Looks like it may be a nice yield.
  20. SweetSue

    Hempy Solo Cup Germination: A SweetSue Picture Tutorial

    Hempy Solo Cup Germination You’ll need: perlite (I prefer coarse) strainer you’re rinse perlite water for diluted nutrients 2 Solo cups (I like the 16 oz size) lid for Solo cup drip saucer to place under cup I use a leather awl to poke the hole and then cut a circle with scissors. You...
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