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    Zkittles auto by seedsman what a plant I want more of these seeds I need to order when I get a chance .but want photos fems please .
  2. EhCndGrower

    Gonna Try Growing Some Autos, Thanks Fast Buds, & More

    WHERE: inside 4x4x7 grow tent GROWING IN: 7G fabric grow bags LIGHTS: HLG 600H Quantum Board MEDIUM: Pro Mix All Purpose Soil Mix(75%), Pro Mix HP (25%) ADDITIVES/NUTRIENTS: 3Tbsp of Glacier Rock, 3Tbsp Bat Guano Dried Powder, and Advance Nutrients WHAT I’M GROWING AUTO WISE: Smoothie - Fast...
  3. CannonTheHooper

    Cannon's Soil Sour Diesel Auto 2019

    Hello newbie grower. In Central California. Let's see what happens! All suggestion and tips much appreciated. Strain-Sour Diesel autos RQSx2 21 Days from seed Medium-Soil 50/50 ffof/ffhf 5Gal Fabric Pots Light-HLG 260w qb V2 Rspec Tent-Topogrow 4x2x6 Intake-4in vivosun Exhaust-4in vivosun kit...
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    Quarter pounders auto Day 6 since dropped
  5. Kingjoe83

    King's Outdoor Auto 19 Grow: Quarter Pounders Canuk Seeds, Zkilltes Auto & Alaskan Purple Auto By Seedsman

    Hey everyone , Me again, hope to see everyone around this will be a mini journal where I'll be posting weekly updates or as well as issues I will encounter. I have been here for about three years on the magazine learning at my own pace I call it.lol but wouldnt want it any other way really...
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    Reach for the sky baby.
  7. IMG_20190717_170030.jpg


    Second quarter pounder day one since dropped .
  8. IMG_20190717_170104.jpg


    Close up of the outdoor baby Q Pounder in hole.
  9. IMG_20190717_170108.jpg


    Outdoor quarter pounder auto popping up where Blue dream was last year. See what happens
  10. IMG_20190717_170151.jpg


    Very happy plants they seem
  11. IMG_20190717_084610.jpg


    Fighting their way through .
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  13. IMG_20190715_071940.jpg


    Germination 3/3 on the quarter pounder autos from canuk seeds. All in dirt this morning . One in hole fr.last years outdoor.
  14. Hugedallasfan

    Harvest Day

    This is my first grow auto flower that I harvested today . I went ahead and did a wet trim and she is now hanging in the dark grow closet pot,to dry. Look at those buds bro. Not bad for an auto flower.
  15. IMG_20190617_184828.jpg


    White widow xxl auto thank you deanwest.
  16. Syko420

    2nd grow first time by myself

    hi my name is jay and this is my first year im doing a outdor grow and i started from seed two are unknown and one is a sour diesel and then i have a revolver auto flower indoors under a t5 and im looking for any tips from everyone else as i have done a few thing to my girls which they are doing...
  17. George from The Vault

    Holy Truck What A 420 Promo From The Vault!

    Hi 420 Maggers, Gary Eff here with an 'Effing' great 420 promo for you all. We have multiple prizes, freebies and give away's this year with one very special star prize. A hand made Vault Truck - which you can win including over 100 seeds. To enter head to the blog and choose what total number...
  18. C

    Please help autos

    Just started the lst and noticed these white bumps ol lower stem. That’s not signs of damping off is it?
  19. AlienAthena

    AlienAthena's 2019 Soil Grows

    Hello everyone it's been nearly a year since I've last post anything but I've missed this community of growers and support so much that I've decided to start back documenting everything. The past year has been crazy but things have been better. Now onto the grow details: Strains: Bodega...
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    This one is one the newest at day 4 since dropped in coco.
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