1. Squirrel05420

    Trop Cookies And Sour Cheese Autos

    I'm starting my Trop cookies and sour cheese autos they are now in germination I will be using the following: 34th Street seed co seeds Promix HP soil Vermibec worm castings Green rush nutrients 2x2 Mars hydro grow tent Mars hydro ts-600 led grow light Vevor inline fan with thermostat...
  2. Table top autos under two ViparSpectra XS1500 Pro

    Table top autos under two ViparSpectra XS1500 Pro

    Parmesan auto L and Gelato auto 1 R. Lights at 75 % intensity at a distance of 16 inches. 31 Days above ground.
  3. Carmen Ray

    Carmen's Winter Autos With ViparSpectra XS1500 Pro!

    🎉 Carmen’s Winter Autos With ViparSpectra XS1500 Pro!🎉 I’m thrilled that @ViparSpectra have sent me two XS1500 Pro led grow lights to get the tabletop grow on this winter! I have accomplished three tabletop grows to date and am really happy to be able to keep my medicine jars full without a lot...
  4. Roy Growin

    Chocolate Skunk & Lemon Grass Auto Grow Journal - Roy In Coco Heaven

    Hello everyone Chocolate Skunk & Lemongrass Autos New season, new grow journal, and to kick it off this grow will be 00 Seeds Auto Chocolate Skunk and Anesia Seeds Lemongrass Auto Genetics of Chocolate Skunk appear to be the original strain x Critical Mass x Ruderalis Lemongrass is more...
  5. Delps8

    My, My It's Strawberry Pie, Fast Buds Autos

    Time for another grow! This grow will be Strawberry Pie autos and the will be "high light". It's taken a while, three grows and a lot of reading and viewing, to adopt that approach. Over the course of my last grow, I finally allowed the data presented by researchers to overcome my following...
  6. Roy Growin

    @CoffeeShopSeeds Sponsored Seeds

    And we're off, starting with Gorilla Glue #4 Automatic Added a few drops of Humic to some boiled water and set pH to 6.0 for the soaking solution (seeds and plugs) I have set the incubator to 24C and pre-warmed a jug of plugs and a shot glass for soaking overnight These will go into the plugs...
  7. Heavenly Hybrid

    Double H: Second Grow With MarsHydro, SP3000 Over Three Autos

    Hello again my grow buddies! After a little grow break, I’m ready to get started again and power up the MarsHydro SP3000 tent. :Rasta: This time I’ll be growing three autos: Jack Herer, OG Kush, and Mandarin Cream XL. Now if you followed my last Mars grow, you might remember that I already...
  8. Roy Growin

    Dutch Kush, LSD, Strawberry Gum Grow Diary

    Dutch Kush & Acid - can't remember what the freebies were Bio with babies, class A's for buds is working for me Two are leggy and will require surgery, wish I knew what the bushy one was Any guesses invited
  9. WalterGamer8

    New Grow Journal: I'll Try To Make It Based

    Like the title says this is my first journal and this grow is my second grow ever last grow i did was around a year and it went pretty average but i wasn't happy with the results so i took a break from growing marijewana. Anyways a couple weeks ago I thought to give it another try so here i am...
  10. G

    Tips changing colors: Maybe light burn?

    So another problem I got.. the new growth on my plants on the tips of the leaves they are changing color. I had just moved them under stronger lights the nib turns ten times but the first turn the light don't turn on.... So I guess there is only 9 turns. The lights are scorpion rspecs 600 watts...
  11. Heavenly Hybrid

    Double H & MarsHydro Sponsored Journal: Perseverance

    Greeting! It’s 4/20 and what better way to celebrate, than to start up my first sponsored journal with @Mars Hydro!! They have very graciously supplied me with the SP3000, and I couldn’t be any more excited to try this sweet baby out! :cheesygrinsmiley: A huge thank you @Mars Hydro :thanks: I’m...
  12. VexGrows

    Vex's 1st Auto Flower Adventure Under New LED Lights Sponsored By WEEGrow

    Hello Friends and Fellow Growers, Welcome to my first ever sponsored journal. I am excited to share my experience with you all. First, I want to thank @420 and its awesome sponsors for offering great products/prizes to 420Mag members. I especially want to thank @OfficialWEEGrow for sending me...
  13. IMG_20200913_150610.jpg


    Autos brotha in laws
  14. IMG_20200913_150614.jpg


    Cola shot autos
  15. IMG_20200913_150620.jpg


    Thier two autos I get to taste it
  16. Photo 4a - DDA1 - AF.jpeg

    Photo 4a - DDA1 - AF.jpeg
  17. Photo 4 - DDA1 - BF.jpeg

    Photo 4 - DDA1 - BF.jpeg
  18. Photo 3a - DDA1 - AF.jpeg

    Photo 3a - DDA1 - AF.jpeg
  19. Photo 3 - DDA1 - BF.jpeg

    Photo 3 - DDA1 - BF.jpeg
  20. Photo 2 - DDA1 - BF.jpeg

    Photo 2 - DDA1 - BF.jpeg
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