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  1. Capt420

    My first bud: When can I harvest?

    Hello everyone! After a year's worth of failed attempts, I finally have a normal looking bud. Strain is sour diesel. It's a clone but i planted the mother from seed. I got the seed from MSNL. Out of maybe 5 seeds, only 1 sprouted and I got this clone from that plant. I cloned via a DIY cloner...
  2. Schnitzelmann

    Greetings from Europe

    Hi guys! My name is Schnitzelmann, I'm in my mid 30s and I'm from a small country in the centre of Europe, called Austria. I'm pretty sure you've heard of Red Bull, Sigmund Freud, Svarovski, Mozart or Schnitzel... well all of these things have their origin in Austria. After smoking for a bit...
  3. V

    How are my seedlings doing?

    Hello guys!! First time grow here. My seedlings are 4 days old, I'm growing diesel, gorilla and northern light autos. As this is my first grow I have no clue if I'm doing correctly :confused: Any input, advice would be much appreciated. By what I can tell, they're doing fine although I'm a...
  4. H

    $1000 to spend on setup

    Hey all im new to growing. Trying to get my first setup and i have $1000 to spend. Im looking for a 2 tent setup. I need everything. Hoping to get some help with getting all the stuff i need. Please :)
  5. Griffen loki

    GriffenLoki Cococoir CBDream 2017

    Hello, I have decided to put together a journal of my last two grows as they tie into each other and will tie into my next grow once seeds arrive.This is my second and third grow with this strain and I have decided on keeping one as a mother and adding a green crack as my second mother. These...
  6. EA769F60-B17F-4C63-961C-4DD50509D4A7.jpeg


    First grow ever :)
  7. C

    Anyone ever use this?

    So I started a new line of nutrients and was wondering if anyone has any helpful tips about this line of products. New to dwc so any tips would be awesome. Also is there a way I should be mixing my nutrients ? I know micro goes first but what about my cal-mag and hygozyme ???
  8. W

    First Time Grower: Novice Gardener

    Hello, all! I am growing Outdoors for the first time. I have the cheapest set up possible— soil, Biothrive Grow & Bloom, and the sun :) I have unknown seeds straight from a male plant. I currently have 5 plants: 3 sprouting and 2 currently growing. I live in Seattle and during this time (Early...
  9. aceknight

    Purple Kush - CropKingSeeds

    I have made a lot of mistakes, but she made it through just fine. Thank goodness for good genetics ... lol! I added a youtube video link for more shots. Thanks CropKingSeeds :) -Ace Knight P.S. Awesome Customer Service!!!
  10. AfroBunnyLabs

    AfroBunny's Indoor Hydro Green Crack Grow Journal 2018 - First Grow!

    Hello 420 crew! I am super excited to finally be getting started! Friends and I have been talking about growing for the longest time. We have finally gotten some funds together and jumped head first into making our dreams a reality. Where we live it is legal to buy from dispensaries, and...
  11. R

    Flowering Light Cycle Concerned

    Hello everyone My plant starts to produce flower last week and all the other plant is still in the vegetive stage so my light cycle right now is 16/8 (16 hours of light , 8 hours of darkness) and i would like to know that will it effect my plant that is flowering right now because i heart that...
  12. D

    New here - First grow and $8,000 budget

    This is my very first grow I have a $8,000 budget and a grow area of 12x14 (11 feet height) also the place has central AC. There is also a closet 6x9 that I will be utilizing for the clones. I plan to go with 6x1000 watt air cooled lights believe me i'm not cutting any corners on equipment i'm...
  13. A

    First Crop Ever!

    Tsup Guy's I got like a million questions and no one to answer, i found some answer on internet but each reponse i find only bring more question, So I Started my first crop 2 weeks, i started from the seed, i only got 2 plant, i got an air exchanger and a classic sodium lamp i will bring more...
  14. L

    Finally joined the rosters

    Hello gals and guys, my name is luftburen and i currently live in a country where one can get imprisoned for carrying a small amount (Any amount) of Cannabis. We get breathed in the necks by cops and our phones and internet usage is being monitored, all this is done completely legally by the...
  15. S

    help with site

    Hello everyone i posted a thread yesterday and cant seem to locate it and need help. Does anyone know where/how i can post a thread for a beginner to get some advice
  16. arellanobrian

    Mars 2 LED Beginners Grow - FFOF - DWC

    First journal on this forum and cant be happier with the way this community seems to treat new growers. This journal is more for personal record then anything. That being said anyone out there that would like to check the grow out is welcome to contribute and comment :thumb:. So this is my...
  17. T

    I'm a beginner and I need help!

    Hey; I need your help and first of all i need to sorry about my english if i make grammer mistake. I order 3 of Moby Dick Autoflowering seeds. And i wanna plant 1 of them first. Because im really a beginner guy. Btw i upload here to pictures for your advise. I need advise. I use 3 CFL 26w...
  18. W

    Another Rookie checking in, In need of advice!

    How's it going fellow cannibus friends, this is my first post and currently in the works of starting my first grow. Right now I'm working on gathering all the materials i need to get started . I have 2 auto easy ryder on the way plus 1 fem critical and 2 haze skunk seeds.im planning on growing...
  19. rockinchair

    Week 3 Flower?

    This is my first indoor garden. I would like input from the pros as i really dont know if i am ontrack. Is this an average result based on: Day 56, week three on 12/12. 10 23watt cfl mixed(2500k-6500k)
  20. T

    TheNewbies Grow Journal - Autos

    Thenewbies grow journal (autos) I'm 1 week into my very first plant and just planted the second yesturday I will post pictures as soon as I can and would appreciate and help tips anything that can help make this a success! Thank you to anyone who decides to follow or help in advance!!!
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