1. S

    What is this? Seems to be getting worse, is it light burn?

    Edges of leaves are going a wierd black colour and brown spots on leaves. Tops of buds look a bit burnt but can’t tell. Any ideas. Thinking it called be light or nute burn. Day 33 since pistils
  2. 4

    Tiny insects infested my plant: 6th week of flowering!

    I'm currently growing 4 LSD by Barneys Farm and one bagseed (I think it's something cheese). LSD has reached Day 40 and the Unknown about Day 50. The Problem with the Unknown is that it came from the outside, in my indoor flowering tent because it was too cold outside ... But the plant wasn't...
  3. spliffas

    SPLF Mixed Garden

    Hello friends! Finally I managed to complete my setup after played with this one: Now don’t know where to start :) let’s start with my set - up and prices. Lumii black 600W digital dimmable ballast - 27£ used from ebay, works fantastic! Lumii black DS 600W HPS lamp (11£ new from ebay)...
  4. George Mc

    How many times should I top a photoperiod Black Indica plant?

    How many times should I top a black Indica plant?
  5. Ron Strider

    Canada: Federal Government Targets Black - And Grey - Markets With Legal Cannabis

    The legalization of cannabis in coming months will offer a clear opportunity for provinces to shut down the black market for the drug and put an end to any notion there are still "grey" areas in Canadian law, top Liberal officials said. In a joint interview, federal Health Minister Ginette...
  6. Ron Strider

    FL: Judge Halts Black Farmer Marijuana License

    A Tallahassee judge Thursday ordered health officials to stop the process of granting a marijuana license to a black farmer, one of 10 coveted new pot licenses approved by the Legislature this year. The state Office of Medical Marijuana Use was supposed to grant all of the licenses by Oct. 3...
  7. Ron Strider

    Is The Cannabis Industry Repeating Silicon Valley's Worst Mistakes

    One oft-cited statistic about the cannabis space claims that women hold 36% of leadership positions in the industry, higher than the 22% average across all U.S. businesses. That figure was first published in 2015, but it's hard to know where it stands at the dawn of 2018; sales of legal...
  8. B

    Little black bugs in my soil

    I have these little black bugs in my soil...some fly and when I water they come out of the soil...what can I use to get rid of them....
  9. W

    Grow lights

    I was wondering if anyone has has combined a couple of black lights with regular florescent grow lights:thumb:
  10. Ron Strider

    NV: Green Friday - Marijuana Dispensaries Offer Black Friday Deals

    Recreational marijuana has been on sale in Nevada for the last five months but for the first time pot stores across the state are celebrating their first Black Friday sales. More than 40 pot stores in the valley are offering Black Friday discounts, not only on edibles but on concentrates as...
  11. SeedsMan

    Seedsman Black Friday! Days 23 to 28

    Once again, Seedsman are rewarding our customers with incredible promotions over the Black Firday/Cyber Monday weekend. From Thursday November 23 to Tuesday November 28, customers will receive a bundle of 8 FREE SEEDS with every order they make totalling €50 or more. Customers will...
  12. I

    IceyyBeats' Black Domina, Master Kush & Blue Cookies Indoor Grow - First Time Grower

    What's up guys, this is my first grow that I've ever attempted to do. I have invested a decent amount of money in it though. Starting this a bit late, I've had my main 3 plants in the cups w/ soil for about 8 days now. They took around 2 days to germinate in a paper towel. Whenever I water I...
  13. SashaShiva

    Frass & Composting

    I recently was talking to someone that is completely new to growing, and I use Ladybugs in my grow to eat Aphids and stuff; and he asked me if Earth Worms would be good for his Soil, and I told him that it would, but that if you are going to do that you should just make/get a compost container...
  14. Ron Strider

    CAN: Black Market To Thrive If Alberta Government Runs Stores, Says Mid-Level Dealer

    The black market will continue in Alberta if the province goes with a government-run sales model for recreational marijuana when it's legalized next year, predicts a mid-level dealer who has been selling dope in Calgary for nearly 20 years. "If it goes Ontario's model, I become richer," said...
  15. Ron Strider

    MA: Marijuana Arrests Plunge In 2016, But Racial Disparity Remains

    Police officers in Massachusetts, which in 1911 became the first US state to make cannabis illegal, arrested fewer people for marijuana-related offenses last year than they have in decades. But look at the people who were arrested in 2016, and there's a clear pattern: They're...
  16. Ron Strider

    CA: Security Guard's Gun Stolen In Chula Vista Marijuana Dispensary Robbery

    An unlicensed marijuana dispensary in Chula Vista was robbed by two men Wednesday night who took marijuana, cash and a security guard’s gun, police said. A security guard at the Green Lady dispensary told police that two men entered the business around 8:45 p.m. and pointed a gun at him before...
  17. Ron Strider

    FL: Lawsuit Over Medical Marijuana Licenses

    Colombus Smith, 82, a black farmer from Panama City filed suit against the state Friday. Smith says he is being excluded from obtaining a license to grow medical marijuana because he is not a member of the Black Farmers Association, which by law is entitled to a license. Smith alleges he is...
  18. Ron Strider

    Black Farmer Sues To Block Florida From Issuing Set-Aside Medical Marijuana License

    An African American farmer out of Panama City is suing the state to block the issuance of a medical marijuana license set aside for minorities on the grounds that a new law cut him out of the deal. Columbus Smith, 80, says he can't bid on the Florida Department of Health's cultivation license...
  19. Ron Strider

    MD: How Restaurateur Jeff Black Got In The Medical Cannabis Business

    The first two people that chef and restaurateur Jeff Black consulted before he officially decided to get in the medical cannabis business were his kids, then 12 and 13. "I sat them down, and I said, 'I'm not going to do this if there's going to be some stigma against you in school. I'm not...
  20. Ron Strider

    AK: Will Fairbanks Go To Pot

    A few years ago when Alaska had the marijuana initiative on the ballot, I was asked what I thought the impact of legalizing marijuana would be on our state. My response was to suggest that Alaska wait a year or two to see how the other states were faring under their new legalization laws...
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