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  1. spliffas

    SPLF Mixed Garden

    Hello friends! Finally I managed to complete my setup after played with this one: Now don’t know where to start :) let’s start with my set - up and prices. Lumii black 600W digital dimmable ballast - 27£ used from ebay, works fantastic! Lumii black DS 600W HPS lamp (11£ new from ebay)...
  2. Ian Bastage

    Bomb Seeds Detonation Time! - 420 Magazine Sponsor Grow & Review - Indoor UDWC LED

    This is a first for 420 Magazine. An official breeder-sponsored grow and review. I contacted the folks at Bomb Seeds (a long time 420 Sponsor) and they were very enthusiastic about the idea. I told them my needs: New grower seeking low—slung Indica dominant feminized hybrid that will...
  3. R

    This bagseed came out great!

    Super dense and sticky - smells like roadkill skunk. Taste like a gelato (fuel/gas) and has a strong uplifting sedating body high - with a nice clarity of thought. Seed was found in a thc bomb nug and grown organically by me.
  4. F

    Greetings from an old stoner

    Hi, expat from UK now living in the USA. I have smoked weed for 40+ years and just started to grow my own and completed my first batch of THC bomb and Northern Lights. Relocated from California to Florida as too expensive to retire in California. I chose this site as the threads are very...
  5. LiveAndLetGro

    Advice On Next Grow - Which Strains &How Many Plants In My Setup?

    Hello Fellow Farmers! I am looking to get a bit of advice from anyone who has experience with any of the following strains. These are the strains I have to choose from when preparing for my next grow. I have just started to flower my first grow and all is well thus far. I wanted to get an idea...
  6. Guru02

    Guru02 First Grow: Berry Bomb Auto, OG Lemon Haze Auto & White Widow Auto!

  7. Teddy Edwards

    Thank You To Our Renewing Sponsor Bomb Seeds

    Please join us in thanking Bomb Seeds for renewing their sponsorship! They have been and continue to be a huge asset in helping us further our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world. 420 Magazine began life 24 years ago in an endeavor to end prohibition by creating a forum where...
  8. D

    Dirt's Garden

    Hello everyone, restarting my little garden. Same set up as before(2x 2x4x5 tents flower has 2x 600w leds veg has a 450w led and a reflector 48, 2x2x4 tent with a 48) same recycled soil mix. I'm starting up with 3 DDAs and a Cripple Roulette. I currently have 5 Thc bomb regs going. Plan is to...
  9. W

    Ordered a bunch of seeds using bitcoin

    Hello! First time poster here - I finally got my grow equipment together and ordered some seeds from Nirvana, Attitude, & Seedsman. Got a bunch of freebies for using bitcoin! Here's what I got: Nirvana - blackjack fem, aurora indica fem Attitude - GrandDaddy Purple Seeds...
  10. D

    Aussie Outdoor Multi Strain Grow

    Strains: 1:Bomb Seeds THC Bomb (Regular)Type: Indica/Sativa Mix 2:Bomb Seeds Berry Bomb (Regular) Type: Indica/Sativa (Indica dominant) 3:Bomb Seeds Big Bomb (Regular)Type: Indica/Sativa Mix 4:Bomb seeds Gorilla Bomb (Fem)Type: Indica/Sativa Mix 5:Humboldt Seed Organization Black D.O.G...
  11. C

    The Auto Grow - Mephisto - Fast Buds & Bomb Seeds Using Mars LEDS

    Hello everyone, Im back ! After my first grow finished (successfully) in december i am now back for round 2. I will be growing Autoflowers this time of what i believe to be of high quality. The plants are as follows - mephisto genetics hubbabubbasmelloscope ( x2) - mephistos 'auto blues' (a...
  12. coralman

    Cheese bomb aka Edam bomb

    Has anybody got any experience growing cheese bomb from bomb seeds? just ordered 10 feminized going to be growing organic in soil.
  13. M

    Week 3 yellowing droopy leaves DWC!

    Hi , this is my first time grow in dwc , I'm growing big bomb (bomb seeds) in 5 gallon bucket feeding compo biofoliar 10-4-7 ratio (this is the only liquid fertilizer I can find in this country ) light : 1000 w led full spectrum, ph 5.7 - 5.9 , ppm around 700 ( tape water 160 ppm + 540 ppm fert...
  14. P

    Thc Bomb

    Pictures on my profile let me know what u think please?
  15. TheBlaze

    TheBlaze - Skunk #1 - Atomic Bomb - Aurora Indica

    I'm back at it again. Here is some info about my setup and strains: Lights - 600w HPS and 360w of LEDs which are added in 12/12 Medium - Coco/Perlite roughly 70/30 mix Nutes - GH Flora Series. Also use calmag and EM-Prosoil which is just microbes and sugars. STRAINS Skunk #1 by G13...
  16. PurpleGunRack

    Malana Bomb - Barney's Farm

    I recently grew 2 Malana Bombs from Barney's Farm. they two are very similar in taste and effect. They are quite fuzzy and easy to nute burn and lock-out, but seems to finish rather fast. Smell: Fruity/earthy 7/10 Taste: Like it smells, but very faint 7/10 Effect: Nice Indica body stone...
  17. Nutria

    Buds not growing?

    hi there! this is my 1st grow and i am growing a fem THC Bomb from bomb seeds, it is just 1 plant in a dwc bucket under a MarsHydro 300, using GH nutes FloraDuo and calmag. Problem is buds are not fattening up, it is in week 4 since flipping to 12/12 schedule. (i have (had) a problem...
  18. LiftedMind

    Coco - Cree 3590 LED - OG Kush - THC Bomb - Kush Bomb - Cheese - Grow

    Dinafem OG Kush: belongs to a feminized Indica-dominant cannabis strain that results from the cross between a Lemon Thai/Pakistani and a Chemdawg. Dinafem Cheese: belongs to a feminized slightly Indica-dominant cannabis strain obtained by crossing an old Skunk #1 with excellent taste and...
  19. Black Thumbs

    Topping Auto LED Adventure

    So far there is 2 going that are between 7-10 days old First is bomb seeds berry bomb auto around 10 days old.Sprouted in rockwool cube and then put straight into 10L pot of canna terra professional around 10 days ago Second is what I'm pretty sure of is critical auto(mixed up with white widow...
  20. Herbies Seeds

    Herbies Updates 25th March 2016

    Back in stock (you can see all of our recently added back in stock list here) Paradise Wappa Fems Paradise Ice Cream Fems Paradise Nebula Fems Cali Connection 818 Headband Fems Kannabia Mataro Blue Fems Paradise Delahaze Fems Bomb Hash Bomb BC Bud Depot Girl Scout Cookies Paradise...
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