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Dinafem OG Kush: belongs to a feminized Indica-dominant cannabis strain that results from the cross between a Lemon Thai/Pakistani and a Chemdawg.

Dinafem Cheese: belongs to a feminized slightly Indica-dominant cannabis strain obtained by crossing an old Skunk #1 with excellent taste and aromatic properties and an Afghani #1. The aim was to obtain a unique hybrid that could please Skunk lovers and cannabis connoisseurs alike.

Bomb Seeds THC Bomb: has very high levels of THC, well over 20% when grown under optimum conditions. The plant grows with extreme vigour and strength while staying relatively short and finishing very fast for such a large yielder.

Bomb Seeds Kush Bomb: crossed a hand selected Southern Cali Kush with our monster yielding Big Bomb resulting in a high production, knock-out strain we’re confident will blow you away

Tent Size:
3 x 3

5gal. Smart Pots

Canna Coco

FloraNova Grow
FloraNova Bloom
General Hydroponics KoolBloom
Dyna-Gro Pro-Tekt

Oscillating fan
Open tent flaps
(Minimal and not ideal. I know.)

2x 23w CFL(Daylight) for early-stage seedlings, 2x 23w CFL(Soft White) for side lighting in bloom
225w Cree 3590 LED Grow Light
(4x Cree 3590's running off MeanWell driver.)

I started by germinating one seed of each strain separately. All four cracked open and were planted into the same pot they'll finish in.

This journal is for my own reference and anyone else who it may help.
Questions, advice and criticism are all welcomed and encouraged.
Looks promising Liftedmind, I'll be one to watch and learn. Those are some bomb ass strains, good luck on bringing them to harvest. It's gonna a good while before that, mind if I get comfortable here and enjoy the show?

KiG :green_heart:cheers

Thanks. I is from the Canada too.
Day 2 Update


Cheese is first to break the surface. This is a magnified pic.
I also changed the wiring configuration in my tent today for a more seamless integration.

Temprature: 73-77 degrees F
RH: 41-44%
Seeds were germinated using distilled water, paper towel and ziplock sandwich bag. They were then planted in straight coco saturated in pH'ed tap water.
Day 3 Update


Cheese coming in hard.


THC Bomb second to poke her head out.


Kush Bomb getting ready to rise up.

OG Kush showing no sign of life but I'll wait and see.

Temprature: 75-80 °F
RH: 42-49%
Kush Bomb was a bit of a surprise since I didn't see any signs of her coming up.
THC Bomb was showing signs of breaking ground yesterday and came out accordingly.

Day 4 Update


This morning I removed some of the coco where baby OG might be hiding and there she was. She rose up quickly after that.


I removed the shell cast from Cheese today with some tweezers. The membrane is still stuck on her. Hopefully it drops off soon. I planted her too shallow. She was the first to shoot up and tallest of the bunch.


I gave each sprout a very minimal mist of water from a spray bottle. 1 squeeze each, except I gave cheese some extra to help loosen the membrane stuck to her.

Temperature: 71-86°F
RH: 42-52%
Outdoor temperature is rising, left space heater on today so tent temperature shot up to 86°F.
Seedlings have been on a 24/0 light schedule since planted.
Hi there liftedmind can we get a shot of your 3590 light :popcorn:

I had included a pic in my first post but it was molested by an admin, and the pic taken down because I'm not allowed to display the brand of the light. Which I think is just a way to help 420mags sponsors. Doesn't help US. People should get the opportunity to see which brands work and which do not regardless if they are sponsors or not. I understand some manufacturers spam but with some good judgement you could figure out who they are.

I actually had a sponsor tell me Crees were overrated and their 5w LED chips were superior.

That being said I'm glad this forum exists. I hope I can continue my journal here.
Day 5 Update - 18/6 Light Schedule Started


This morning I put the LED's(4x Cree 3590 3000k @ 225w) on them. The light is about a foot away from them and they have responded well. I will keep the 2x 23w 6500k CFL's running along side the LED's.
The lights will run on a 18/6 light schedule. That means my girls will get their first period of darkness tonight.
I also added an oscillating fan, on the lowest setting, to give them some light exercise.

Pics 12 hours after turning on LED's:

Cheese. I scraped/peeled away the membrane off her this morning. She appears to be doing fine.


THC Bomb


Kush Bomb (Smallest of the 4 and just as green as the rest but my phone does drugs)


OG Kush

Temperature: 77-81°F
RH: 46-51%
Each seedling will get a very light mist around a hour before the lights come off.
I'm planning on watering the coco in a couple of days. A few days after that I will start with a mild nutrient solution.
Day 8 Update - Light Feed on Day 7

Yesterday, was 1 week since I planted them. I'm satisfied with the growth considering I opted not to start them in smaller containers. The LED's stopped them from stretching. They're just going on about their business now.

Day 7:
I decided not to water them as planned. I went straight to feeding them because my coco was still very moist.

1gal. Nutrient Solution:
0.8ml FloraNova Grow
1/16tbsp CalMg (probably won't add much more of this. I'm relying on my tap water for calcium)

pH: 6-6.5
ppm: God only knows. My tap water is reading 250ppm. The official report for my city is in the 170's. I think my EC meter is trash. Bought it for $12 off amazon. It comes with the most useless product leaflet. You probably know the type. Made in 中国. I'm not too worried about ppm.

1/2gal. given to Cheese. The rest spread evenly between the three smaller seedlings.
A very light feeding.

Here's what's going on now on Day 8:

Just the usual, everyday Day 8 'round here.


Cheese. She's going to be a monster. Not in a good way.


THC Bomb. I like.


Kush Bomb. Catching up to the rest of the fam.


OG Kush. She looks like a winner.


Blueberry Green Crack. What I'm smoking now.

Temperature: 77-81°F
RH: 46-51%
Tomorrow the coco will get watered in preparation for a feeding of a slightly higher dosage of nutrients.
Blueberry Green Crack is the most bomb daytime smoke ever.

Day 12 Update - FUCK!

Day 10: 1/2gal. water each pot
Day 11: 1gal. nutrient solution each pot
1/4tsp FN Grow
1/4tsp Pro-Tekt
per 1gal. water

Day 12:
Cheese not looking well. Looks like she has a calcium deficiency. I gave her a 1/2gal. dose of CalMg+. The other three received a 1/4gal. dose and are looking good for now. I'll give each some CalMg+ in between feedings from now on. I thought my tap water would be sufficient, but it doesn't look like there's enough calcium in it.

Took the lights off for pics in today's update...

Cheese. Hope she pulls through. Freebie strain I started because I wanted some variety.


THC Bomb


Kush Bomb


OG Kush


Temperature: 72-86°F
RH: 44-55%
CalMg+, CalMg+, CalMg+

This morning I noticed OG Kush looking a bit sick. I'm thinking calcium deficiency again. Considering a pH lockout issue as well.

I fed them all a 1/2gal. nutrient solution.

1/4tsp FN Grow
1/4tsp Pro-Tekt
1/2tsp CalMg+
per 1gal. water


OG Kush
Hey Lifted! I noticed your veg rh is a bit on the low side. Yea coco, tends to be a cal mag hog. What brand coco is it? I got a sample bag of coco mixed with growstones & mykos. My first time trying coco (hempys).


Hey, thanks for the input. It's MUCH APPRECIATED. I probably should have stated this from the beginning, but I'm new to growing indoors. I'm trying to make this journal as detailed as possible so I can not only have a reference for the future, but also give anyone willing to help an idea of what I'm up against.

I hear you on the humidity. There isn't much I can do about it for now besides leave my window open and hope for the best. Money is tight or else I would correct that and a couple of other things. I really hope that's not it.

I'm using Canna coco with nothing in it. I flushed it once and then saturated in water again in preparation to plant my seeds. No mykos. Nada. Just pH'ed tap water. That's why I'm fairly certain the issue is nutrient based. Possibly linked to rising pH. The Dyna-Gro Pro-Tekt silica I'm using raises my pH high. I'm using phosphoric acid as pH down in my solution so it should be pretty stable but the Pro-Tekt could also be raising pH after some time in the coco. I may eliminate it and see what happens if the regular doses of CalMg+ don't work out.

New growth seems to be doing great. I'm going to wait a week and see. The next thing I look at, after eliminating the Pro-Tekt, will definitely be my atmospheric conditions(humidity, air flow).

Thanks again.
Yes to much of one nute will lock others out. I used potassium silicate for my ph up(when needed) and citric acid for ph down. Your coco is fine, the girls may just be a a bit more hungrier? I'd suggest if you aren't doing it, adding the pro-tek before adding anything else. Then adjusting ph after you've added the nutes after the Pro-tek. It'll raise you ph, your nutes should lower it a bit. Then go from there. Hope this helps.

Yes to much of one nute will lock others out. I used potassium silicate for my ph up(when needed) and citric acid for ph down. Your coco is fine, the girls may just be a a bit more hungrier? I'd suggest if you aren't doing it, adding the pro-tek before adding anything else. Then adjusting ph after you've added the nutes after the Pro-tek. It'll raise you ph, your nutes should lower it a bit. Then go from there. Hope this helps.


I have been adding Pro-Tekt first (I read my labels :).) I'm using it because I know my growing conditions aren't good.

My nutrient problems have subsided for now. New growth looking relatively good. I now have other issues as you'll see in the update below.
Day 15 - Gotta Take the Good with the Bad

Day 14: Nothing done.

Day 15:
My nutrient issues have gone away for now. I'm now dealing with algae and excessive heat.

You'll notice leaves on the plants, some more than others, are curling upward. An indication of heat stress.

You can also notice a greenish tint on the surface of the coco. That's algae.
It's thriving for three reasons:
1. Overwatering
2. Light. There's noting covering my coco.
3. Rising temperature

My Action Plan:
1. Let coco dry out
2. Dig away and discard of algae
3. Treat coco with H202
*4. I may cover coco with grow stones

Other than those two things. The plants seem to be doing a lot better. The calcium boost really was something they were craving.


Cheese. New growth looking good. Her stem is changing from red/purple to green. I'm taking this as an encouraging sign.


THC Bomb


Kush Bomb


OG Kush. Suffering the most from the heat.


Temperature: 74-90°F
RH: 44-56%
CalMg+ has helped tremendously. Greener leaves and faster growth.
I have to look into an inline fan to exhaust hot air. Summer is approaching and things don't look good.
Lifted, way to go and way to grow bro. You are on top of things. My apologies, I wasn't insinuating ya don't read the labels. Just pointing it out for those who may be JUST reading.:high-five: A lil 6" inline and some ducting and your heat issues will literally, maybe even a fan speed controller also.Even if I don't need to bring my ph up, I'll add a bit of silica because I like the benefits of it's use. Haven't had to address algae on my coco yet(only 2 runs with the coco). But I do get it almost all the time with some my perlite only pots. Go figure! Your grow is gonna rock.

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