Coco - Cree 3590 LED - OG Kush - THC Bomb - Kush Bomb - Cheese - Grow

Ofc no hurry! Do you have a magnifier or something like that?
I just ordered one from Amazon and I should receive it tomorrow, w6 for me, w8 since flipping
Ofc no hurry! Do you have a magnifier or something like that?
I just ordered one from Amazon and I should receive it tomorrow, w6 for me, w8 since flipping

Yes, I've got a little illuminated microscope to check trichs.

Breeder flowering times are for optimal conditions. Which means you're a master grower with your nutrients dialed in and your grow room is expensive and well put together. We are far from master growers. Hopefully, we'll get there.

I'm thinking of making my own nutes soon using chemicals and minerals. Cheaper and you can control more. Dude at my grow shop was cool and explained everything to me. He even gave me recipes. I purchased a tub of Calcium Nitrate and a tub of Magnesium Sulphate. I have CalMg for life now for only $8. Calcium Nitrate can also be used for a Nitrogen boost. Mg and Sulfur is always great for plants too. I can treat deficiencies directly now.
Day 68 - Day 26 Flower

Day 68: 3/4gal. nutrient solution. Buds are getting bigger everyday. I'm super satisfied with the progress so far.




THC Bomb


Kush Bomb


OG Kush

Plant Map:
Cheese OG Kush
Kush Bomb THC Bomb


One Love.
Looking good.. Curling up a touch hows the temps? And hows the light coverage?

Temps are 82 during the day(lights on) and 70-72 during the night.

The light coverage is pretty good although I'm not utilizing it. Great for my 3x3 but nothing bigger. My lights are low. Maybe 1/2' away. I'm trying to get as much light as I can to my lower buds. OG kush(rear-right) is getting fried because it has stretched and almost touching/touching the light. I'm basically sacrificing one plant for three. I tried to tie her down but I'm limited in space.

I guess I should raise my lights another 1/2' to stop cooking them. Thanks for making me think about this.

I see why you guys train/scrog now. I like to learn the hard way. :)
Lift the lights a bit ive got my temps similar atm and im seeing some leaf cupping under my diy cobs i think its the lights intensity ..
Just add something under the smaller plants to raise them up so everthings at an even height

I originally thought of raising them up, but it hurts my soul to move three plants to accommodate only one.

... but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
Day 79 - Day 37 Flower

Day 79: 3/4gal. nutrient solution

Better pics with the lights off.




THC Bomb. Very fast finishing strain as documented by other growers. Fattening up nicely. Very sweet smell.


Kush Bomb. Super sticky. My fingers feel like I dipped them in super glue after handling lower leaves and buds I pulled. Strong lemony-kushy smell. Like heaven. This mutant kush is going to be the bomb.


OG Kush

Day 89 - Day 47 Flower

So close yet so far...

Day 83: 3/4gal. nutrient solution each. Stopped giving THC Bomb silica so the ripening supplement I'll be using, KoolBloom dry, will be more effective..

Day 88: 1gal. nutrient solution each. Stopped giving Cheese silica. Life got in the way and I let them go 5 days without water.

Day 89:

Cheese. Leaves yellowing from the bottom as the top, new growth steals nitrogen.


THC Bomb


Kush Bomb. :)


OG Kush. Finally starting to see some substantial growth. Lag.

low 90's max. 88-90 avg.
I'll try increasing the speed of my outtake fan and see what happens. So loud though...

but you're right. I've got to figure something out so I don't waste the time and money I put into them.
Fucking OG Kush hermied. I was picking off lower buds and examined them. Little seed pods with little reddish-brown seeds inside.

It was touching all my other plants. What are the chances the others get pollinated? I immediately took it out after I found out and I'm giving it to a friend who wants it.

My first real adversity of this grow.
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