Elzees - Hydro - THC Bomb Auto - Grow Journal - 2015


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OK first the facts.

Strain: THC Bomb Auto
Genetics: THC Bomb X Auto Bomb
Medium: Hydro
Light: 400w MH(will go HPS later)
Lights On/Off: 18/6 (whole grow)
Sativa/Indica: Hybrid
Nutrients : General Hydroponics Flora series (Gro/Micro/Bloom)

Alright now that that's out of the way, A little about me (you can skip this part if you so choose). I've been growing about 4 years now. I started with a sour diesel seed, some dollar store soil, a bag of vermiculite, a bag of perlite, 2 power strips and a bunch of outlet to light socket converters/splitters. Oh i almost forgot using miracle-gro for nutes. Now i have a veg room, bloom tent, hydro setup, and even a real grow light oh how far i have come. I'm currently re-booting after moving, so i figured why not try something new this time, and show off my hard work. I am doing this auto-flower to kill time while i get new mothers established and a rotating grow back in place.

This will all be done in my grow tent it's 4ft x 4ft

Started germination in a paper towel 10/24/15
Me and this girl have been through a lot the past few days. She was doing great after 10 days I noticed still no roots coming out of the rockwool. Threw up a red flag for me. Kept a closer eye on her the next few days. Still no roots and yellowing around the outside of the first true leaves. Prepped her for "surgery" carefully peeled away the rockwool till I saw little root tips far deeper in the rockwool then they should be. Grabbed my tweezers removed what rockwool I could and bam browning roots cube was to wet for her to continue growing roots. Grabbed a handy shotglass not ideal but everything is packed away and a solo cup was to big for an auto going into dwc. Tossed her into the shotglass have her a few days very slow growth but as I suspected she was making up for lost time building roots not leaves. Bottom full of roots damn near danced like a schoolgirl lol. Popped her in my dwc bucket water about an inch under her roots. Last 24 hours second set of leaves went from about an 1/8 of an inch to 1/2 inch no transplant shock, and nice growth could only mean one thing. Took a little peak little roots pokeing out the bottom of the bucket. That's our journey thus far, the second set of leaves are green and beautiful. She's sleeping at the moment but I promise pictures soon.
Elzee, might I suggest a link to your journal in your signature. As you look around and post to :420: you will attract followers who can offer helpful advice if problems occur. The info here is great, but the people are even better. I look forward to seeing you around. Now how about some of those hydro photos?
Shes currently about 2-3 inches tall, and the leaves on top are about the same size as a quarter. Don't worry about the whit e hydro pebbles they aren't mold or anything scary like that. It's from the tap-water H2O2 bath they got. 430 ppm out of the tap here sucks. Next investment is a RO system, so i can stop paying for decent water lol. I'll try to do weekly updates from now on.
Subbed in...

Regarding your tap water PPM. Have you ever considered trying one of those "shower water filters"? They are cheap (like $20 at your hardware store) and hook up to your shower "line". Water runs almost unrestricted so you can fill quickly. My PPM out of the tap is pretty low, but using the shower filter cut it in 1/2.
Sorry I haven't reported in guys things have been hectic with thanksgiving and Christmas prep. This girl is maddening normally by now I would have a big beautiful foot tall plant but it's just not the case I don't know what her deal is she put on another set of leaves the same size as the ones in the pic she's maybe 4 inches tall and no real roots in the bucket. Hopefully she gets a swift kick in the ass soon lol. This plant has been very disappointing hopefully things pick up. If not hopefully all my seeds in this pack don't flop like this.
Welcome to the thunder dome Elzee

hydro sure is great isn't it? A lot to learn but once dialed in, nothing can beat it.

You're probably drowning your plant, as you've already discovered before. Rock Wool can be unforgiving to seedlings.

How are you watering the system? top feed? what's your watering schedule? are you feeding nutes already?

I've been doing dwc for years lol. Been a while since I've done from seed though. She was running 1/4 strength to get her thorough seedling stage 250 ppm bumped her up to 400 recently. She was in coco before hydro got nice and rootbound when she got switched out. She gets very little water maybe 4 ounces a week to week and a half normally only if I see the leaves start to droop. Nothing different than I would normally do with a clone. The bucket gets changed out once a week though I've slacked off with that since she has no real roots in the res to speak of. I've never had a plant just fail to grow like this one lol. I've grown lots of genetics in dwc this is a true first for me lol. I'm gonna let her finish maybe get a bowl pack out of her lol.
The hydro bud you pulled looks similar to my last grow. We can do better, need to dial in the system before flipping to 12/12.

Rock hard buds are better than airy stuff right?

I don't want to hijack your thread with my fotos so I'll just briefly explain that I too had trouble launching in hydro this time, took 3 months and I'm still in veg mode ! :laughtwo::laughtwo::laughtwo:

Anyway I think your plant is too little for 400 ppm, unless you`re using bottled water in the res (reverse osmosis)

Yeah ro water its an auto flower so it will run 18 and six till harvest. that bud shot is from my very first grow ever witch was in soil using CFL's. my last harvest before I moved to the house in in now my top cola was the size of a solo cup lol. I'll find the photos of my older grows for ya.
So we started the flowering phase of the auto grow. Shes got her pistils showing now, so yeah ill probably get next to nothing out of her but hey lets see what happens lol. The second seed i put down the other day popped today. so 65 days starts today. Hopefully this one fairs better then the other. ill keep you guys updated.
Hope all is well in your world.

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She finished out about a week ago been dealing with wiring issues and trying to get my veg room setup after the holidays. My little failure to launch plant has been finished for about a week. it yielded a bud about the size of a dime lol was awful. The second pant is alive and well shes about 6 inches tall and didn't even get root-bound in the container shes in before it started to flower. now i remember why i dislike auto flowers. will post some pics of her in the next day or two. once i get my veg room setup ill have some real plants and grow some monsters.
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