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    End product . Smells amazing !! Infused olive oil! 420 magazine brownies baby !
  2. bitbob

    Major Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers Looking to Develop Marijuana Edibles

    Snack makers are the latest group seeking to partner with marijuana companies to create edible cannabis products for consumers. Deepak Anand, Vice President of Business Development at Cannabis Compliance Inc., said in a televised interview with BNN Bloomberg that his company is being approached...
  3. paganini

    Coco cannabis shots

    I usually make a tray of brownies which gives me 16 small bites which turns to be pretty decent. My question is If I use 1/2 cup of my coco cannabis oil to make the brownies, and if I divide the 1/2 cup is 16 equal parts, then if I just drink one of the parts, would it work the same??? I ask...
  4. Ron Strider

    WI: Topless Dancer Loses Pot-Laced Box Of Bakery

    A topless dancer is in trouble after misplacing a batch of marijuana-laced brownies. A Walgreens store on North Main Street in Fond du Lac called police early Friday morning after an employee found a container by the ATM machine that appeared to be stuffed full of baked goods. Police described...
  5. ShiggityFlip

    The Great 4/20 Smokathon of 2016!

    I was talking with Blaze about long distance smoke sessions and we decided we should have a forum wide smokathon/vapathon/dabathon/consumableathon on 4/20. We would start on 4/20 in New Zealand and Australia and follow it around the globe through all time zones. Pictures of nugs, bongs...
  6. M

    Need help on brownies

    Hi guys! I'm new here and will probably be using this pretty often as I now have lots of free time because my sport season just ended! Yippee! So anyways, this weekend, my friends and I are having our occasional get-together-and-get-f*cked-up party. We'd like to try something new: pot...
  7. S

    I want to make brownies for christmas

    Hello. I am new here. I just bought a 50$ slab of cannabutter from a trusted source, and now I am reading up on all the varieties of brownie recipes. Most of them start out with having to make cannabutter first. Well, obviously mine is already made. What is the general consensus for amount of...
  8. I

    Pax Duff, Brownie Mix, Beginner Edibles

    Hi Everyone! I'm new to this site and to the medical marijuana bit and marijuana in general. I smoked for the VERY first time one year ago (I'm 29). Anyway, I hated smoking so I recently bought a Pax vaporizer from my local headshop and I love it! The woman that runs my local "club" (it's NOT a...
  9. Lady Cannafan

    The Cannabis Kitchen - Cooking With Cannabis

    This is a show and tell thread for Cannabis Edibles. Let's get the cannabis cooks busy! Photos of the finished edibles are required and what they are made of (because we eat with our eyes first) If you have a recipe to share, and even a how-to pictorial of the process that is even better...
  10. N

    Video: Breaking Christies Brownie Ban - NJ

    - I will break Christie's Brownie Ban- at Evesham Twp municipal court BREAKING CHRISTIES BROWNIE BAN
  11. N

    Cannabutter - brownies

    hey guys, i have a 250ml mason jar with cannabutter that has an ounce of kush bud in it. how much butter should i use if i want to make brownies??
  12. X

    First Time User - CannaButter

    I have never used Marijuana in any form before. I don't feel like my lungs could handle the smoke or vapor, so I have decided to make edibles. I want to make brownies, but I do not know how much Marijuana to use to make the butter. I want to make half a batch of brownies so I need some help on...
  13. S

    Brownie help please!

    alright so ive been sifting through all the recipes and they all look ohhh so delicious :popcorn: but i was wondering how you can make brownies or cookies with just hash oil? i got a bunch of oil from my friend and every recipe i come across uses cannabutter instead of oil. can someone...
  14. D

    How strong can you make Butter?

    My question is: I've had a couple experiences in the past making butter and I am about to make a batch once again and I was going to try to make this batch nice and strong, I was planning on using an Oz of middies per stick of butter (I usually do 1OZ/2 sticks), but then I thought is there only...
  15. BlissfulToker

    How many doses from a Half Oz?

    Im planning to make brownies out of a half oz of of good kush. Seeing as i've never made brownies before, approximately how many doses would be in a batch made with a half oz? I would deem an appropriate dose strength to be the equivalent of 2 joints smoked ( but of course LASTING longer...
  16. D

    To use water or not to use water

    So I've been making brownies a lot recently. From scratch of course and using some delicious green butter. I was curious though, I have read people saying that they use water when making butter and people saying they don't. What do you think is the best way to do it and why? And do you think...
  17. haylofx

    Hash oil in baking?

    I can get my hands on some hash oil but have only ever used cannabutter, I am assuming I would put butter/vege oil in a saucepan and slowly warm on low heat and put the hash oil in and allow to disperse. Then use this mix in place of butter/ oil in the recipe. Has anyone ever done this? is this...
  18. S

    How to make brownies using Kief

    HI all, Quick question for ya. How much kief do i need to if i'm looking to make brownies? Right now i have about a mid-sized grinder full but i'm assuming i need more?
  19. M

    Hey from Durham, NC!

    First timer here kinda new to the area and want to learn to grow. I'm utimately interested in getting into the baked goods business, selling brownies etc. Such a fantastic high! I wondered if you could walk me through the grow process, so I can decide if I want to either start growing my own...
  20. T

    Brownies gone bad?

    I made some brownies about 2 weeks ago - then had to come home, havent had a chance to touch them yet. Have they gone bad? they are individually wrapped in cellophane, then put in a ziploc. ideas? thanks
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