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burned leaves

  1. M

    Nute or light burn from neem oil & soap spray

    Hello guys, Newbie grower here, and in need of some help. This is my first ever attempt at growing my meds, and a newb on this forum as well. 4'x4' tent (thick 1860D material) 6.8' tall 1 x 315 CMH with Phillips Agro bulb 1 x Morsen COB full spectrum LED (two cobs) for support light...
  2. H

    Yellow blotches and yellow tips

    400 watt light-24/0 50-60% humidity Water once every three days NO NUTRIENTS Soil Medium I'm in week three, one of my plants has started to lean, and has developed strange blotches on the leaves, after I used some soil to prop up the plant, I checked the next day to find that the spots...
  3. A

    Help a noob with her autos please?

    As the title says, can anyone help a noob shed light on some issues with my girls? I'm obviously doing something wrong and I don't know what or how to fix it. Today is day 13 and there has been zero growth in almost a week, something is burning the 1st set of true leaves in my girl on the left...
  4. K

    First Time Growing Problems

    Hi all, this is my first time growing and I've been doing studying online for weeks. My setups are: -strain: unknown strains from friends from Paraguay -4*2*5 ft growing tent -100*3w LED light with red:blue 8:1 distance of the light to the top plant was about 12' yet I moved it up to 23'...
  5. C

    My Baby plant burned last night after it touched a CFL light - Help!

    So i just started growing in my closet and decided it was risky so I moved my baby to the atic where i have 3 different CFL on it. With an intake and outake fan. Normal organic fert and normal water. Just started but sinve my new setup I guess one of the biggest lights lowerd and touched the...
  6. D

    Few issues First grow

    Im using 5cfls and a t5, with over 120w total i noticed my oldest fan leaf is dying but i havent given her any nutes at all just water. shes 5weks in ocean forest can someone help. also should i trim the fan leaves so the center colas get more light?? ANY ADVICE WOULD BE AWESOME!!
  7. luvsmokinweed

    Leaves Burning

    It started with one plant that died now all of them are on the same path to death!! Soil: MG Lighting: 100w MH Dist. Frm. Light: Was about 3-5in. now 7-9in (I thought the light was the problem still not sure) Temp: 82-84 day 72 night RH: 46-57 Watering: every 4 days or so Pics...
  8. D

    Problem see on leaves - newbie

    Hi all, I need a little assistance. As it states I'm new at this and (now don't laugh or bash please) I'm using an Aerogarden. My wife received two for Christmas so I decided to mess around with one of them. The issue I'm having is that on one of my two plants the leaves are getting yellow edges...
  9. Panic

    Adjusting High PH levels in soil?

    First of all I know it would be easier if I posted a picture of the plants but can't find my camera and dont' think my phone will do justice...I will keep looking. It's a bagseed CFL Soil grow in day 19 from seed. 50/50 mix of FF Ocean Forest and FF Light Warrior with some earthworm...
  10. IRON

    Help me help my ladies

    Please take a look at my pics. I thought the damage to my plant's leaves and stalks was spider mites. But after reading this it may be nute burn. After all I have Studied my leaves top and bottom with 100x microscope. For hours on end looking for movement, an have not seen any bugs. It also...
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