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  1. Grower2020

    Please help: RO water and canna nutes with coco coir

    Hi please help anyone with knowledge of using Ro water with coco and canna nutrients . My seedlings seem to b3 slipping directly into a drfici3ncy and I can't tell if it's calcium , magn3sium or iron or other trace elements. Ok here's a run down Canna coco and nutrients Ro water 5.5 ph and ph...
  2. Mvpdank

    Completed Mvpdank OG Kush Auto, Coco, Sensi Coco Grow

    Ok starting this journal for myself to receive advice and anyone else who wishes to learn from my mistakes. Plant: OG KUSH X2 AUTOFLOWER Medium:CANNA COCO PROFESSIONAL PLUS Nutrients:ADVANCED NUTRIENTS SENSI COCO GROW A+B PH PERFECT Additives:GREAT WHITE,CANNA RHIZOTONIC,AN RHINO SKIN...
  3. incogn1to

    Completed Incogn1to's First Grow: Dark Devil, Gelato & Cheese Autos In Coco, 2019

    Hello and welcome to my first grow! It's been a while since I actively contributed to a forum, so bare with me. I'll be growing 3 plants Strains Dark Devil Auto - Sweet Seeds (Purple zip tie) Sweet Gelato Auto - Sweet Seeds (Green zip tie) Cheese - Canuk Seeds (Orange zip tie) Medium...
  4. Blinkflag

    Semi Newbie First LED Grow With Coco

    Hi Guys, :welcome: This is going to be my first grow using LED lights and coco coir/perlite 50/50 as a medium. Any advice or Info along the way is much appreciated! :thumb: My Setup: 1m x 1m x 1.8m Mylar Tent 4" Intake fan which is fed through the bottom duct hole 4" RAM Inline mixed flow...
  5. Cannbidoscar

    C's New Start May 19: 100% Clay Pebble Mini Hempy Autos, TS-1000

    So I've been away from growing for a while and decided to invest in some decent hardware ;) Bucket Size - 1 gallon Medium - 100% clay pebble Tent - 70cm X 70cm X 160cm Black Orchid Airflow - Black Orchid mixed flo extractor + filter, clip on fan inside, passive intake Lights - Mars Hydro...
  6. BLGrower

    Gorilla Bomb Flowering Video Series

    Hello guys here are some details on our current grow. I plan on updating you guys weekly. Strain: Gorilla Bomb (GG#4 x THC Bomb) by BombSeeds Medium: 60/40 mix of Coco and Perlite Nutrients: Canna Coco Extras: Sensi Cal Mag Xtra and GroTek Pro-Silicate Lighting: 4 Quantum Board 120 fixture...
  7. 6CFF2FB7-E574-40DE-9353-670C652FC882.png


    The canna coco stuff I had bought before switching to straight coco and my own made stuff .
  8. I call her Florabunda

    I call her Florabunda

    All that pinching has paid off
  9. bbrown219

    Auto White Widow 300W LED Homemade Cabinet Grow 2018

    Hello all. I'm going to be having a small cabinet grow in a 2 x 2 x 4 grow cabinet I built out of plywood and some rip wood I had. This is the plan for the grow. -Strain Auto White Widow by Pyramid -Canna Coco 60% Per lite 30% -300 watt led -Canna coco A and B *Rhizotanic *Cannazym...
  10. bbrown219

    White Widow Auto/300w Led/Canna Indoors Homemade Cabinet Grow

    Hello everyone and welcome to my grow I've been growing now for 6 years and really have gotten the hang of things and want to share my experience and need help also from time to time. With this grow I want to see if i can reach 8 oz of dried and properly cured bud. I did a Road Runner auto...
  11. HigherTheHigh

    Help! Flushing whilst in flower!

    hello guys, i forgot to flush in veg, had alot going on at the time, ended up going from 2 340w cfls, to now using just 1 600w hps, all plants are in canna coco medium, using canna products: a+b, boost, pk and the flush if just bought, i have 8 plants 5 weeks into there flower. some of the...
  12. 420Steve

    Abandoned Heisenherb's Coco Indoor Grow - 2016

    Hello 420 Growers, My name is Steve, I am 24 years old and growing my own supply of quality cannabis. I am growing two strain's in Coco coir with added perlite and a few clay balls, i have 5 OG kush and 3 Blue Dream Haze in 16 liter air pruning pots that i will water once maby twice a day, i...
  13. R

    Abandoned 750 Watt LED, 4x4 Gorilla Shorty Tent

    First grow here, and I figured I might as well keep a journal of it. From what I have gathered coco coir is a great way to grow big sinsemilla plants. So below I will list my grow tent/hardware setup, nutrients, and amendments. Here is my setup: Gorilla Shorty Tent - 4x4x6 750 Watt LED with...
  14. R

    Canna coco A+B - How much should I use - Please help

    Hi there people, hope you can help me. Im a uk indoor tent grower and im having problems with nutrient burn using canna coco a+b. Im using canna coco medium soil too. Have had really bad nutrient burn show itself during the first 2week of flowering so I flushed the HELL out of the soil...
  15. Sy11UK

    Abandoned Sy11uk's Pineapple Chunk + Unknown - Hydro/Soil 2011

    Hi, I'm well into my grow but thought I'd start a better late than never journal. This is my 1st grow and I've had many problems (mostly my own doing through inexperience) but I think I'm now getting there. I'll list details below before explaining the plants...
  16. B

    Newbie grower going to try coco coir

    Hi Guys, I'm a new poster though I've been reading through the forums for weeks now. I have been diagnosed with terminal Eosophageal/Stomach cancer last year, and given five months to live, hence my username! Blue doesn't cover it... problems are tumour pain, and depression/ dejection (well...
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