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  1. I call her Florabunda

    I call her Florabunda

    All that pinching has paid off
  2. bbrown219

    Auto White Widow 300W LED Homemade Cabinet Grow 2018

    Hello all. I'm going to be having a small cabinet grow in a 2 x 2 x 4 grow cabinet I built out of plywood and some rip wood I had. This is the plan for the grow. -Strain Auto White Widow by Pyramid -Canna Coco 60% Per lite 30% -300 watt led -Canna coco A and B *Rhizotanic *Cannazym...
  3. bbrown219

    White Widow Auto/300w Led/Canna Indoors Homemade Cabinet Grow

    Hello everyone and welcome to my grow I've been growing now for 6 years and really have gotten the hang of things and want to share my experience and need help also from time to time. With this grow I want to see if i can reach 8 oz of dried and properly cured bud. I did a Road Runner auto...
  4. higherthehigh

    Help! Flushing whilst in flower!

    hello guys, i forgot to flush in veg, had alot going on at the time, ended up going from 2 340w cfls, to now using just 1 600w hps, all plants are in canna coco medium, using canna products: a+b, boost, pk and the flush if just bought, i have 8 plants 5 weeks into there flower. some of the...
  5. 420Steve

    Heisenherb's Coco Indoor Grow - 2016

    Hello 420 Growers, My name is Steve, I am 24 years old and growing my own supply of quality cannabis. I am growing two strain's in Coco coir with added perlite and a few clay balls, i have 5 OG kush and 3 Blue Dream Haze in 16 liter air pruning pots that i will water once maby twice a day, i...
  6. R

    750 Watt LED - 4x4 Gorilla Shorty Tent

    First grow here, and I figured I might as well keep a journal of it. From what I have gathered coco coir is a great way to grow big sinsemilla plants. So below I will list my grow tent/hardware setup, nutrients, and amendments. Here is my setup: Gorilla Shorty Tent - 4x4x6 750 Watt LED with...
  7. R

    Canna coco A+B - How much should I use - Please help

    Hi there people, hope you can help me. Im a uk indoor tent grower and im having problems with nutrient burn using canna coco a+b. Im using canna coco medium soil too. Have had really bad nutrient burn show itself during the first 2week of flowering so I flushed the HELL out of the soil...
  8. Sy11UK

    Sy11uk's Pineapple Chunk + Unknown - Hydro/Soil 2011

    Hi, I'm well into my grow but thought I'd start a better late than never journal. This is my 1st grow and I've had many problems (mostly my own doing through inexperience) but I think I'm now getting there. I'll list details below before explaining the plants...
  9. B

    Newbie grower going to try coco coir

    Hi Guys, I'm a new poster though I've been reading through the forums for weeks now. I have been diagnosed with terminal Eosophageal/Stomach cancer last year, and given five months to live, hence my username! Blue doesn't cover it... problems are tumour pain, and depression/ dejection (well...