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  1. aceknight

    1st Durban Poison x OG Kush

  2. Cannabis Oil

    Cannabis Oil

    Cannabis Oil
  3. aceknight

    Cannabis Oil: P. Kush

    Cannabis Oil (P. Kush/100% INDICA) with Ace Knight | GlobalNewsCentre.com
  4. SweetSue

    Super-Cooled QWET Wash For Cannabis Extraction Using Dry Ice

    Just a little something I found last year and finally got presentable. Enjoy. :4: Super-Cooled Dry-Ice Cannabis Extraction July 27, 2016 SUPER-COOLED QWET WASH FOR CANNABIS EXTRACTION USING DRY ICE Making a great smokeable cannabis concentrate yourself at home, with good color, great...
  5. J

    Memory loss

    I'm new to MMJ, I had secondary cancer, but I am now cancer free. But I am continuing with my cannabis oil, I went on a date last night and I remember having a great time, but I can't remember what the girl looked like or what her voice sounded like. Is there anything I can do to counter this. I...
  6. A

    Extraction Methods - Wash Vs Soak Vs Freezer Soak For Solvent Extractions

    Hello everyone. I need to get to the bottom of this so I need as much feedback as I can get from people who have extensively tested these methods. My question is regarding Full Spectrum Extracts using 190 or higher grain alcohol. Which method would draw out most of the plants medicinal...
  7. A

    Making Rick Simpson Oil - Help Please!

    Hi, I am planning to make cannabis oil this Friday following the Rick Simpson method. I have never made this before, have only been doing research, reading threads and watching videos. As soon as I feel a little more confident, I read something else and the fear sets in again. I am determined...
  8. A

    Rick Simpson Oil Help!

    Hi, I am planning to make cannabis oil this Friday following the Rick Simpson method. I have never made this before, have only been doing research. Reading threads and watching videos. As soon as I feel a little more confident, I read something else and the fear sets in again. I am determined...
  9. SweetSue

    Organizing SweetSue's Cannabis Oil Study Hall

    I need a place to seperate this out from my other notes. This thread will be an ongoing project, with no real timeframe to completion, if indeed that ever happens. The study hall is ongoing, and I don't often have time to get to this organization. My hope is that by making it a stand-alone...
  10. A

    My Father Has Been Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

    Hello i am cannabis activist my name is Mian Asif Zaman.I am from Pakistan My father has been dignosed lung cancer with last stage.I have made Cannabis and coconut oil mixture for his treatment but day by day my father's condition is going worst.Please suggest me best cannabis oil treatment for...
  11. S

    Need help with making e juice with THC from hash

    Hey, i am sitting with a potent block of hash, and wondered if i could create and e juice with thc from that. I have been scouring the internet for guides and help on it, but i have not found much. Everything is made from buds and leafs. But of what information i could find, i got to this...
  12. V

    Dad using RSO protocol - Questions about process

    My dad is 76 yr old Vietnam vet who presumably developed lung cancer from agent orange exposure, as he never smoked. He was just diagnosed 4 months ago, but it already has spread to his spine and brain. He began a raw vegan diet and went to a facility for a 6 week water fast. He also had surgery...
  13. A

    Oil ready

    Here to help!
  14. F

    Healing Ulcerative Colitis

    Hello, Need some help and advice please. Long time history of UC (Chron's diagnosis added last year as well). Western meds no longer working, docs want to do surgery. I would like to heal naturally. I will be in Oakland C.A. for the month of August and have access cannabis oils, etc. Can...
  15. T

    Greetings from the other side of the pond!

    Hi All! Just signed up today having spent some time reading through some of your awesome grow posts. I was diagnosed and treated (with chemotherapy) in 2015 for Follicular Lymphoma (NHL). I was/am Stage 4 and had many B symptoms which meant I had no choice on treatment (From diagnosis to...
  16. B

    Please help me get started

    I have posted on here before and was a little overwhelmed with the amount of info I had to learn, but I'm ready I think now. My cousin got multiple myeloma a year and a half ago and basically has been given 2 to 5. he is currently in remission due to his chemo but we know it will come back as it...
  17. P

    Do you put your cannabis oil on anything?

    My step dad just started taking rso for prostate cancer, and he really doesnt like the taste. So before ingesting your oil, do you put it on anything? Like a cracker, or bread? Does it work for you?
  18. P

    Where did you get your Rick Simpson Oil?

    Hello everyone. My step dad's prostate cancer has returned, and we have decided to try rick simpson's cannabis oil. The total treatment calls for 60 grams of oil. I have my recommendation, and the cheapest I've found is $25 a 1/2 gram from a delivery service. So for anyone who's tried this...
  19. A

    Autoimmune diseases treatment with cannabis oil

    Ive been trying to help my symptoms of my multiple autoimmune issues before its to late, with rick simpson type oil and have some questions. first here is my video link: my question is has anybody ever needed a strain specific oil....if so what was your experience! thanks any help or...
  20. SweetTea54

    New Member Intro and Help Request For Use of Cannabis Oil

    Hello all. My name is Esther and I am from Washington State. I am requesting your help because Google searching hasn't been as effective as I hoped. I am new to this whole topic of cannabis for cancer treatment and pain relief and only got involved because I have a sister who is now in...
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