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    Hello - New member here

    Hello. I'm a new member. I am a retired teacher, and am currently starting to grow Cannibis for the first time. I have always grown herbs for cooking, and for medicinal, so I do believe this can't be any different. I plan on growing Cannibis for personal use, for relaxation, and for myself, I...
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    Is there any interaction between cannabis and clopidogrel?

    Good day, my dad use cannibis oil and chemo for his lung and metz to liver cancer and lympnodes he went for operation couple of days ago with a problem with blockage to the aorta. The clopiwin he drinks at 8 at night, 2 hours later starting to get alot of pains in chest, struggle with breathing...
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    Hello I am new to this I have been reading about the many benefits of cannibis boil my husband has liver cancer and a blood clot around tumor. This cancer is terminal and he is injecting blood thinners wondering if it is a good idea to start injesting cannibis oil
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    Hello, I am new and need help desperately

    I'm 19 years old and I have had lyme disease for about 2 years and the antibiotics I was on for about a year made me get a yeast infection on my mouth that nothing the DR.s gave me is going away, and I still have lyme symptoms. Fatigue, shortness of breath, neru issues, ext. This disease is...
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    medical marijuana petition for North Carolina

    I am not very good with making blogs so bear with me. Our goal is 15,000 signatures. We currently have 12,390. Please sign up to suppot the use of medical marijuana in the state of North Carolina please. You may sign up on the following site: SignOn.org - Legalize Medical Cannabis In...
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