Is there any interaction between cannabis and clopidogrel?


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Good day, my dad use cannibis oil and chemo for his lung and metz to liver cancer and lympnodes he went for operation couple of days ago with a problem with blockage to the aorta. The clopiwin he drinks at 8 at night, 2 hours later starting to get alot of pains in chest, struggle with breathing etc . 8hours later it stops .. we cannot tell the dr of the cannibis oil, illigal in our country. Are there maybe an interaction between cannibis and clopidogrel?


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This is a very specific medical question which very few in the forum would have any knowledge of.
A member who could maybe point you in the right direction is Sweetsue. Here is a link to one of her journals. Post your question there. I know that she has quite a lot of interest in the medical aspects of cannabis and I think she may be able to find you some help. Best of luck to you.
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