Cannabis Oil for 'Down-Under' Cancer


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Hi everyone, I'm a newby to this forum and am hoping it can help me track down a supply of Cannabis Oil. I've got colorectal cancer (metasticised to my liver and lungs) and have recently heard about the wonders of Cannabis Oil for curing cancer. Only problem is that cannabis is illegal in Australia so I'm having trouble finding a good quality supply. I'd like to know if anyone has supplied (or is willing to supply) Cannabis Oil to someone in Aus, or if an Aussie with cancer has managed to find a discreet reputable source.

I would imagine you would have to make it yourself if your in Australia. I wouldn't trust a dealer with oil, they almost never look for quality just profit.

I think your best bet is to find some good bud and make it yourself, that is what i am doing right now.
I'd also recommend consuming it raw. Even if you can't get your hands on any fresh plant matter, the dried flowers (buds) can be chewed and eaten or blended into a fresh fruit smoothie. There are so many healing properties within the Cannabis plant that are destroyed when heat is applied. Consume as much Cannabis as you can, aside from smoking it, and please keep us updated. You can do it! :love: :circle-of-love: :green_heart: :high-five: :yummy: :thumb:
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