1. bigbudz90

    Strange leaf growth deformation

    Hi guys, So I have been growing Incredible Bulk for a year or two, setup is Oxypot DWC in a large tent (previously in a small tent inside), lights are 2000w LED using Rock nutrients for feed. Every crop no issues, strong healthy plants. Consistently cloning for over a year no problems.. Ok so...
  2. Ron Strider

    OR: Cannabis-Infused Cold Brew

    Oregon is home to an array of hyperlocal craft movements, including an internationally known coffee industry. But as of late 2015, recreational cannabis is legal here–one of just a few states with legal pot sales, alongside Colorado, Washington, and as of 2018, the state of California. This has...
  3. Ron Strider

    Denver Cafés CBD-Infused Coffee Might Be the Best Hangover Cure

    The ultimate hangover cure has arrived РCarbon Coffee and Habit Doughnut Dispensary are brewing beans a little bit differently. The doughnut, internet-caf̩ hybrid Рwhich is not a marijuana dispensary as the name might suggest Рis now pouring a nitro cold brew coffee infused with CBD oil...
  4. S

    Purple leaves and green buds

    Hi guys, my first post here. I'm a bit concerned about my plant because: 1) It's getting cold out (around 55 F right now outside, cold day) 2) The leaves are turning purple 3) I don't know how typically big buds get I've read that a lack of phosphorus might be a cause but I've been using...
  5. I

    CBD oil v Cannabis tincture ?

    I have been doing a lot of research to see what i think is the best for use.with oil (rso) you remove evrything exept the cbd,but with a cold extraction tincture you keep all the healing properties including the thca stoping you getting the high ,so in my opinion the cold extraction tincture is...
  6. O

    Blueberry Week 7 Flower

    It must be cold because it's frosty.
  7. LuckyAlbatros

    Adding heat?

    I was aware that LED was considerably cooler but I was not prepared to see my tent under 60f, (57!), with humidity at 43%. I live in grow region 5b in a house with an unheated freestone basement and I had been counting on this factor for when the heat arrives in summer...but being me I neglected...
  8. Katelyn Baker

    CA: San Francisco Cannabis Drink Company Launches Marijuana Cold Brew

    Weed-infused coffee pods hit the market early this year, but for coffee drinkers looking for a stronger batch, new cannabis beverage company Somatik recently partnered with Ritual Coffee to launch its first product, marijuana cold brew. Somatik, which markets itself as a medical cannabis coffee...
  9. S

    Help needed

    Hi you guys so I planted some NYCD from crop kings on the fourth of Feb and the temperature has been 45-65 at night and 70-75 during the day here in Florida . well I want to know is the temperature to cold for them to grow properly. I have it covered at night though, but i Mm a first timer if...
  10. Bapple

    Bapple's 2017 Outdoor Shenanigans

    Happy New Year :420::Namaste::ciao: Last year I started my seeds off on the 9th January because the daytime temps were in the double digits. Daytime temp today was a gobsmacking 5C:thedoubletake:. Watching the locals is funny cos they are all bundled up and everywhere one goes that's all...
  11. cnile

    Ducting and condensation intake cold air?

    im pulling from cold air and water is condensing on my ducting. i imagine once i add the light and get it all tented in if the fan is on high pushing cold air to the light water will also condense on my light fixture. anyone seen this or use insulated ducting. even if it was insulated duct it...
  12. P

    Moving plant outdoors & reversing light cycle

    Hello budmasters! My first grow, in a 2x4x5 tent, with dark-heart clones. I purchased 4, thinking I would lose one in the process due to general incompetence. Although I had a runt early on, I've kept all 4 until now because they are still all healthy, but over-crowded. So I decided to take...
  13. I

    Ten Panel Drug Test

    Hey everyone. My question is - should I worry about passing a ten panel drug test if I have NOT used any illegal drugs but took on nyquil tablet Sunday night, one dayquil table mid morning on Monday, and took Theraflu (mixture you add water to and drink) on Monday night around 11pm? Also, since...
  14. J

    Soil temps of indoor grows

    I read everywhere about air temps. And although we are heading into the heat of summer it made me consider the winter months for those of us in cold climates. For my indoor grow if the floor of my grow tent is chilly say in the 60s would that affect the plants by wicking heat out of the soil...
  15. K

    Watered my plants with tap water that was really cold, are they doomed?

    Hello, I just watered my plants with tap water that was really cold. I realized this only after I watered them. Used a blowdryer to warm up the pot a bit. Plants are 10days old. Are they done for now or what will happen to them?
  16. W

    Cold climate seeds - Help

    Hey guys, I live in a cold climate and wondering what is are good head high, cold climate seeds? Thanks a dude from near Antarctica.
  17. R

    Sandals - AKA Baby Sky

    This journal is about a clone of Skywalker OG I received recently. Some of you may have heard the name before, but this journal is about the Sativa dominate Skywalker OG that is only available as a clone, not the Indica dominate strain that you can get seeds for. Sandals, AKA Baby Sky started...
  18. A

    New Member hello everyone

    I am a retired USAF Veteran and also Disabled from being a Railroad Conductor for 17 years. I had many surgeries about 15 in all and live with daily pain. I recently move from Cold weather Pennsylvania to Sunny Hilton Head SC and the heat does make a difference on Arthritis and other aches and...
  19. BostonGreen

    Massachusetts freezing temps and my drying plants?

    today in mass the temps are the lowest of the year.. of course i decided to chop a few of my plants earlier this week and today woke up and my drying room is extremely cold... will my plants be ok during the cold stretch if they are hanging to dry or should i remove them from the cold and place...
  20. R

    Seattle: Le Herbe Launches Line Of Cannabis-Infused Cold Brew Coffee

    Le Herbe has a New Year's Resolution for the coffee and cannabis connoisseurs, Cold Brew Coffee. Inspired by the famous Café Du Monde in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Le Herbe combines certified natural cannabis extracts, chicory and vanilla bean to this cold brew coffee which will be...
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