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  1. Spec420

    Soil grow - Question about plant water consumption

    I am early in a grow in veg with a couple of Lemon Sour Diesel clones that I got from a dispensary. I am growing in Fox Farms soil with a 1200w LED in a 4x4 tent. Temps in the 70's RH in the 50's Both plants I am talking about are in 1gal pots right now. A couple of days ago I took both...
  2. R

    Someone please help

    Hi everyone hope everyone's good and was good over the holidays I'm in real need of help my plants are very close to crop I'd say a couple weeks at most and the past couple weeks iv been noticing this white powdery fuzz on the buds mostly on the bottom of them not all of them I'll post a pic of...
  3. Ron Strider

    NE: Elderly Couple Found With 60 Pounds Of Marijuana During Traffic Stop

    York County Sheriff's initiation a traffic stop on Interstate 80 on Thursday the 20th, and were surprised to find 60 pounds of high-grade marijuana being transported by an elderly couple. 80-year-old Patrick Jiron and 83-year-old Barbara Jiron were in the car when it was pulled over for...
  4. shovhd

    Seedling in trouble

    Hi, new to this and need help. Had no problem for first couple of grows, but now I can't grow shit. CropKing WW auto flower Using a GH water farm. Grow tent. 2 x 400w LED grow lights on 24/7 18 - 24 inches above PH around 5.7 Straight tap water to start left for 24 hours to clear...
  5. G

    Please Help With Mother!

    My mother plant is in promix in a 5 gallon bucket, it has been doing fine till I brought it to a buddy's place a couple weeks ago. It's been watered during the last 2 weeks but given no nutes, a couple days ago the leaves starting on the inside bottom of the plant started wilting (they stay...
  6. B

    Droop on a couple branches

    Hello all I have some purple haze growing outside in 100 gallon smart pots. Have pro mix and worm casting. I give it 70ml of grotek bloom in 5 gallons daily. This plant has not been topped and has been health all year.. had some insects on the plants and sprayed them about a month ago...
  7. C

    Canna rhizotonic

    Hi peeps, Just wondering if I would be safe to give rhizotonic to me wee sprouts? I know you aren't supposed to give nutes for the first couple of weeks but I'm not sure about this. Thanks They are Northern Lights autos by the way.
  8. Ron Strider

    NV: Their Love Lifting Them Higher: Couple Marries In Marijuana Cultivation Facility

    One Las Vegas couple got hitched inside a massive greenhouse for one of Las Vegas’ largest marijuana dispensaries. Anna and Mark Balfe-Taylor exchanged vows in a cultivation facility for The Grove. “Mark asked me, and I had to think about it, and no. I support it. I think it’s great,” said...
  9. flytier

    My CKS WW Is Going To Be Pretty Good

    I had a sneak preview of my White Widow bud today. A couple days ago I accidentally let my plant grow into the light and it got a little singed at the tip of one bud, but I left it there anyway. I have today off so I snipped it off and did a quick microwave dry on it to see what it would do. The...
  10. flytier

    Getting Ready To Bud

    This is my WW which I put on 12/12 earlier the week. Today I gave it what will probably be the last LST. I just wanted to get a couple of the smallest branches open to the light and tuck away a couple leaves one last time. Although they can't be seen on this picture, when I picked a sucker off...
  11. T

    First grow

    Hi there I'm Alessio from Italy, this is the first time I grow and I wanted to ask a couple of things about my baby. Cheers
  12. B

    Hi from Oz,

    Hi, I'm new to this forum thing, but like what I see here so I'm giving it a go. I've been growing for a couple of years but outdoors only...until now. Sick of chasing and paying for weed I've invested in a tent and I'm currently about 3 to 5 weeks away from harvesting my first 2 ladies. Have...
  13. Gears

    Another Cannuck Virgin

    Hi all, I've been mulling over the idea of growing a few plants for a month or so now. A couple of days ago, I pulled the trigger. The 300 Watt LED grow light is at the local post office waiting for pickup. A couple of hours ago, an email from Crop King arrived to let me know my Auto White...
  14. BoomShakalaka

    The BS Journal - Bag Seed - LED - Soil - Frankenpot - 1st Run In A Long Time

    Hey everyone, BS here, it's been a LONG time since I planted a few beans (like almost 10 years? wow) But my state is legal for rec now. (At least grow your own, the gubmint thought the taxes proposed were too low, so they put the squash to the selling of rec until they figure out how to fleece...
  15. nobodyhere

    Did I FIM correctly?

    before after plant 1 after plant 2 also noticed a couple gnats...is mosquito bits safe?
  16. H

    PH raising

    hi, do you know this product my ph raise from 5.8 to 8.0 every couple of hours. how can i solve it? why does it happen? ?
  17. coralman

    Post hermie grow.

    So iv started my second grow, plants are established nearly ready for flower and iv come across a couple of seeds in the previously harvested critical kush so they must of hermied? Bearing in mind there is only a couple of seeds so far and there were no visible signs of hermie when i harvested...
  18. G

    Cheap seeds without shipping charges?

    I did a search on cheap seeds and it was ok, but I really need some help> My money situation is extremely poor. Checked Herbie's for Northern Lights and found a couple of the single seeds were low cost enough for me to afford in a couple of feminized seeds offerings, but they charge 13...
  19. Chris Scorpio

    Scorpio420's Purple Kush & CBD Dutch Treat 1st Time Grow Journal 2017

    well.... the Kiddo's landed today from Crop Kings Purple Kush FEM and CBD Dutch Treat FEM. I ordered the seeds on 3/2 they shipped 3/3 and they landed today 3/7... NICE.. Thanks Crop Kings for epic service This is my 1st serious grow in like 30yrs... I did toss a couple seeds in my veggy...
  20. B


    Has anyone tried original shunk if so how did it go? I'm asking because I'm about to grow a couple and I was wondering if anyone had some tips:thumb:420 Magazine ®
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