1. Mistarooni

    Cupboard Grow

    this is started in my desk cupboard Temp: 75°f -Temp control: Heater + Thermostat + Humidifier Airflow: dual window fan Light: Led light + Customized Lamp Strain: Cactus Jack Start times: 1/12/24(first test seed) 1/18/24(rest of seeds) grow containers: Red solo cups Update frequency...
  2. F2BF1FAE-2DE6-411E-B218-9F437E843C1F.jpeg


    How long you recon
  3. CE413AAB-2102-44C8-BAFA-6F6093A47811.jpeg


    Running out of room
  4. G

    Grnwzrd's Ongoing Northern Lights Small Setup - T5's & CMH

    As the title suggests i'm running a couple of t5's in a small cupboard for vegging and cuttings and running the lec/cmh 315w in the flower cupboard. I'm using an organic soil mixed with coco. The fertilisers are yates vegetable fertiliser (one for grow one for flower) with some organic bat...
  5. G

    Small Cupboard Grow Northern Lights

    After a miserable year of growing and multiple failed and sick crops i finally managed to turn things around for the end of the year. It isnt much but it's something and it's green. :thumb: I am running a small area in a cupboard for growing,this consists of 4 18w fluros on a timer. The...
  6. juz420

    Grow space full - Shall I defoliate?

    G'day 420'ers My flowering cupboard is full, which is restricting a lot of light to the rest of the plant, I am one month into 12/12. should I defoliate too get that extra light to the buds? I would consider doing a second harvest however the other issue I have is that the...
  7. M

    First Grow-DWC- Sneaky cupboard under the stairs

    So, this is my first attempt at growing. I know DWC is supposed to be a little more advanced but i've seen the yields and heard it gives rest result if done correctly. I think I've got everything I need so far.... -Kaizen 400w Grow Light Kit HPS Dual Spectrum Grow Lamp + Ballast +...
  8. P

    Need advice on ventilation

    Was wondering if anyone can tell me if the 2 small vents on the bottom of my cupboard count as an intake of fresh air, or will I need to buy a fan. Any advice appreciated thanks
  9. oogabooganbl

    Beginner Auto Blue Mystic, 550W CFL, In Coco, Cupboard Grow

    Hi, guys. I'm very excited. I'm a first time grower living in Northern Europe attempting four autoflowering fem. Blue Mystic seeds from Nirvana. I'll be germinating the packet's 5, but I'll carry only four through. You never know... a dud seed, a jiffy pot that doesn't want to play nice. I'm...
  10. B

    Blonks - Aussie Sativa - Ebb & Flow - First Grow

    Hi Guys, new to the site & and new to Hyrdoponics. So please forgive any noob questions and or answers. Any Help or Guidance Would be greatly appreciated from you Master Growers :D My Setup: Strain: Aussie Sativa (unsure to be honest random bag of seeds) System Type: Ebb & Flow Reservoir: 25L...
  11. N

    Barney's Farm - Lucy - Under CFLs

    Hey guys and gals, here is my newest grow, an Lucy seed which i got from Attitude. It is in approximately a 12-15L pot, with only miracle-grow as a medium. She is under 250w of CFLs in quite a small cupboard, getting Gro-Rite and Bud-Rite for ferts. And jeez, she stinks :) First pistils 23...
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