Grnwzrd's Ongoing Northern Lights Small Setup - T5's & CMH


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As the title suggests i'm running a couple of t5's in a small cupboard for
vegging and cuttings and running the lec/cmh 315w in the flower cupboard.

I'm using an organic soil mixed with coco. The fertilisers are yates vegetable fertiliser
(one for grow one for flower) with some organic bat guano in there with it.

They also get flushed every now and then with gogo juice probiotic stuff.

Trying to go as organic as i can.

I'm not getting as much product of the plants as i did using straight coco and
the coco specific ferts but the taste and quality of the bud has gone up.
The whole taste has changed really since running soil and changing ferts.

I was using 4 x t8 bulbs in the small cupboard but after a surge it took out the little
digital ballasts in the bulb holders. ended up diggin out the t5 rig and getting a couple
of daylight globes for them. The purple ones wheren't good and made the plants
grow wierd.

My harvests are small now but more frequent,every few weeks theres something coming out.
Not really enough, but its something. At least they're green hey,last year was a disaster
for me. anyway onto some pics.

The pics arent the best.

This cupboard has my babies and cuttings in there

The flower cupboard has a bit going on. There's a big girl in there,should be ready in a week or two.
Then one about a week or two behind that then two more after that and 3 babies in there somewhere
only went in a week ago. she's pretty packed in there



I notice some of my plants get white spots on the leaves, looks a bit like powder?
They seem healthy enough, just something i noticed. If anyone has any ideas?

Thanks for looking. ;)
Harvested my biggest girl yesterday,was probably a bit early but i need the medicine and the room in the cupboard.
So i had a shuffle around and put 3 more girls from the grow cupboard into flower. I should be pulling another plant in a few weeks.
The buds that i grow now are a bit fluffier than before but the smell and smoke is a lot nicer in my opinion.
Onto some pics!








Hopefully its dry soon so i can have a decent smoke.

I'm mixing some bat guano into the fertiliser i'm using but want to lean more towards just
using organic stuff. I'm not going to make the full leap over for a while,might just slowly
start supplementing the ferts for organic stuff,dont want to put a spanner in the works just
yet as its taken a long while to get where i am and i dont want to stuff it up.
Thanks for looking.
Oh wizz, that plant had a lot of potential and it looks like you cut it down a bit way too early. How old was it? You have a lot of fresh white hairs which means the buds are still growing. Most use a loop or microscope to check the trichs before harvest inorder to get a good effect from the plant. If you harvest too early the high can be decreased and short lived.

I hope the meds work out for you but for next time since you dedicated so much time and energy into flowering your girls you may want to give them the time to properly finish. Especially when they look that good. Hope this graph helps


Guanos can be hot, careful you dont burn your plants.
Thanks rich, that graphs awesome cheers. ;)
Yeh i go very easy with the bat guano. It's in liquid form it isnt the dry stuff.

I knew she was pulled early, i used to do harvests every 3 months and run these plants in grow
for 4 weeks and flower for 8. Now i'm doing the ongoing grow,to keep harvesting every few weeks
i needed the room to get the next lot in.

The other thing is i desperatly needed the medicine as i'm going to detox off alcohol with it.
I'm using it to manage withdrawls which can lead to deadly siezures,ive been to hospital
a few times because of it.

Normally they give benzos and sedatives but my liver isnt in a good shape.

All the years ive been battling a problem and noone ever mentioned using cannabis for it.

Ive spent time in live in detox centers and gone to groups and everything and
i always ended up drinking again. After researching the hell out of it,theyre having really
promising results in america. Obviously a lot of doctors and rehab people dont
agree with the method but the results speak for themselves and i'm sold.

I use the green stuff to manage my spinal injury's but never thought of it for
this purpose. yet i've been smoking,growing and drinking for years. go figure.

Hopefully next time i pull one of my plants i'll have enough medicine to let them go
until there more ready.

Hope everyones doing well.
Thanks guys. Welcome along dirt. ;)
I'm using seasol sometimes but mainly yates powder,which isnt organic. I have
a big worm farm out the back and often chuck castings in the mix,along with gogo
juice for the bennies.

Want to slowly get away from the powdered ferts too,one step at a time though.

Thanks Rich! Yeh ciggies are another game altogether,i'm hoping to kick that too one day.Good job!

Today is day 1 for the detox. Tapered down yesterday and having nothing today except the green.
Feel a bit shit house but had 3 cones (still a bit damp) and should be right to get on with my day.
I already havnt been sick this morning and held a coffee down no problems.

Usually it would come straight up.

I have a history of 10/12 large cans of beer everyday for nearly a decade,it has taken it's toll on my body.
I'm as interested as anyone else to see what happens.I feel like a there's no information
on dosing and that so i'm going off feel. Was a bit worried about the pot triggering my anxiety,and straight
after a cone it does seem to but it settles. Actually feeling pretty good.

Might even go get some breakfast,something i normally never do.

I'm very optimistic. Hope everyones having a good day :)
Not much to report on the plants. I do wish i never gave my tent away as id like to
up-pot the three girls that recently went in the flower cupboard and its packed tight in there.

If anyones interested the alcohol detox its going pretty amazingly i must say.
I feel stupid for not thinking of it earlier. Day two sober, no real issues.
At this stage i'd be loaded up on benzos feeling dizzy and tired and like shit.

Had a few cones in the morning and got on with my day. Cooking/eating/working.
I didnt sleep and felt a bit groggy in the morning but i feel pretty damn good,
maybe a bit sore from how busy ive been.

Just thought i'd share this here because this plant is a life saver. imo


Thanks improvise, the difference is unbelievable to a
normal medical detox. Today is day 4 no booze,normally i'd
be getting weened off benzos in a detox center,not sleeping,not happy
and being unwell in the stomach.

Slept lastnight,even after eating a bunch of lollies,feel pretty good
and my stomachs sorting itself out.

The difference is night and day from using pot over phamacutical drugs.
several times ive spent a week at a time in a detox center so i know how
my body normally reacts and how long things take.

I am smoking a lot more product though,at least it's not trashing my
liver or wrecking my life hey.

Girls are chuggung along. still green.
The last photo are the spots i was talking about. Plants are growing fine.





The white powdery spots dont seem to be causing any dramas.
Just thought id throw it up here.

Took a while for my stoned brain to work out how to upload
the photo's since the forums changed.haha.

I do random ph checks on my water barrels i have, and the ph
swings so i adjust that every now and then,just filled up the flower
barrel and i'm going 50/50 with the bat quano and the powdered fertiliser.

3 capfuls into ten liters/half tub. I'm guessing a capful is about 20/25mls, its ten mls a liter,
so i'm well under.

Forgive the stupid measurements it's just for me to remember.

Hope everyone's doing well. Spent some time this week in my veg area.
Ripped everything out and gave it a coat of paint and bought a small
rechargeable usb fan to throw in there every now and then for some air movement.

I top the girls either once or twice depending on where they are in the cycle too.
First pic isnt the best.




Two of the girls got harvested a few days ago and the biggest one
from the grow cupboard went into flower. Hoping she does some good things.



She was going through the cycle and when she went into the flower cupboard with
some other plants after a week i took her out,took cuttings and left her back in grow
for few weeks,topping once or twice.

Hopefully she grows well. ;)
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