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After a miserable year of growing and multiple failed and sick crops i finally
managed to turn things around for the end of the year. It isnt much but it's something
and it's green. :thumb:

I am running a small area in a cupboard for growing,this consists of 4 18w fluros
on a timer.

The larger cupboard has a 315w LEC light in it for the later stage.

As of now in the grow cupboard are 4 cuttings taken yesterday,5 baby plants which
where potted about 3 days ago and a little mum plant. The mum is in an organic vegetable based
dirt,the babies in the yellow pots are in coco/dirt/rocks. And in the other cupboard
is the biggest of the girls who is entering week 3 of flower is in straight coco.

I havent had a harvest since june and lost multiple plants in that time. Luckily
managed to rescue one and turn things around at the last minute. As i said, i'm not going
to be breaking any records but i'm back on track at least.








I used to run straight coco,and it was good, but i'm now mixing my medium and having a play around.
I'm using the soil/coco mix outside in the garden with good results.

Should have a harvest at the end of November. Will be nice to have some decent smoke again.

Thanks for looking.

the big girl in the flower cupboard is at week 5 and the one in there next to it has been in there for a week.

the babies are going well too.

Theres some burning on the tops and some yellowing,the girls got
a flush a few days ago with ph water.





Harvested that big girl early, she was yellow and sick and had a hard life,
should get a bit of medicine from her. lifes been to hectic to do photos maybe soon. cheers.
Heres a photo of the harvest,not good photos.

and the girls at the moment.

the girl in the middle got a haircut and should be ready at christmas.
he will be my christmas present and after the year ive had i'm looking forward
to it. she has great structure and should be a good little plant.




Hopefully things are moving forward. cheers.
Got some update shots. the flower cupboard has 7 plants. the far left is the oldest
then the two good looking ones in the front,theres two in the back that are at about week3
flower and theres two little ones in the front that have just gone in.

Should be pulling something out around christmas time.

The plants are small but the product should be nice. the harvests arent big either but
i'm trying to get them more regular.

Theres also a photo of some babies. I potted them up about a week ago.

Thanks for looking.







They seem to be happy with the fertiliser change. I'm also going
away from the coco grow shit i was using and will be going organic
or close to using seasol etc.

Hope all is well in your world.

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