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Hello everyone.

Am after some advice on a super-stealth grow in a small cupboard in a locked utility room....unfortunately it is the only space i can find where i am likely to get away with it, my wife knows and likes the idea - as we are sick paying £1000+ per year not to mention the associated risks of seeking it out - but my 2 kids must never know, for obvious reasons...

The cupboard aint big tho...1000mm wide by 700mm high by 600mm deep so i need an autoflowering, low odor, short plant with as high a yield of quality weed as hoping to grow 3 at a time and can drill a hole to the outside world with a carbon filter fitted.

Could this be viable in such a small space, especially heightwise?

Presumably with a filter sucking hot air out enough fresh air will be drawn into the cupboard without the need for a 2nd fan?

What lights would be needed for this operation?

What would you recommend to line the cupboard for light reflection?
Re: Advice on cupboard grow...

Because of the height restrictions I would guess that fluorescent lights would be the way to go. LEDs and hid lights need more distance. Fan noise, if it's an issue, can be deadened by diy tricks using drywall (Sheetrock) panels which work well, or any dense material. I assume you wouldn't be limited to auto flowers since you can train any plant down very low if you want. Check out Nivek's journal
( Nivek's Need to Know Nature - First Grow Journal - 2015 )
he has some micro growing going on and an interesting and unique journal that I think would suit some of what you're going for here.

Yes - you can have one fan venting out at top, hooked to a thermostat, and a passive vent at bottom. That's what I do.
People often line their spaces with Mylar or white plastic. I just paint it white.
I think you'll be happily surprised how fun and worthwhile a small grow space is.
Oh - also check out Sweetsue's journals. Very popular so they get long and full of conversations but she is doing a micro type grow though with led now. If you can't find your way to the nuts and bolts of her operation because of all the chitchat, or just want advice, it would save time to just post her and ask. She's incredibly nice.
Here is a link to her first one which I assume will have a link to her current one. Sweetsue's First Grow - Stealthy Trio of Autos Under CFLs
Thanks, some useful tips there.
Fan noise shouldnt be an issue as it will be behind a locked door and the oil boiler is in there too, odour would be my biggest concern but have read elsewhere about "ona gel" so am hoping that will solve that...
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