First Grow-DWC- Sneaky cupboard under the stairs


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So, this is my first attempt at growing. I know DWC is supposed to be a little more advanced but i've seen the yields and heard it gives rest result if done correctly.

I think I've got everything I need so far....
-Kaizen 400w Grow Light Kit HPS Dual Spectrum Grow Lamp + Ballast + Reflector
-Carbon Filter and a Fan
-Humidifier (just in case)
-PH Up/Down + PH Meter
- Home made DWC set using pond air pump and buckets
- Flora MIcro ( 5-0-1), Flora Gro (3-1-6), Flora Bloom (0-5-4)

I've got a good idea how to get everything set up and started but chances are I will need some help throughout and wanted to keep a journal of my first experience to help other hopefulls!

My only really concern so far is the mix for the nutrients! Does anyone have any advice ?? I've listed the nutes above.

Any help will be great fully received!!!
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