curled leaves

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    Curled leaves on Northern Lights fem
  2. M

    Nute or light burn from neem oil & soap spray

    Hello guys, Newbie grower here, and in need of some help. This is my first ever attempt at growing my meds, and a newb on this forum as well. 4'x4' tent (thick 1860D material) 6.8' tall 1 x 315 CMH with Phillips Agro bulb 1 x Morsen COB full spectrum LED (two cobs) for support light...
  3. K

    New grower - Need some advice

    Hi guys and gals, this is my first grow soooo here goes. Not entirely sure on the strain, it was called purple durban. Not necessarily the most reliable source, but it probaby is what he said it was. It's a hybrid, 55% Sativa, 35% Indica. I have 9 plants going now. In early vegetative stage...
  4. M

    Thin narrow curled leaves problem - Help please!

    Hi! A lot of new leaves (from 2 different strains) are rolled up (like a joint) and very thin. Please tell me what this could be! 250W HPS, in soil, 2nd week flowering thanks guys!! -Max
  5. B

    Too much nutrients in potting soil mix? Slight lime green veins / leaf edges/curled

    Hey guys, this is my second grow. I have 3 special kush feminized, and 3 special queen feminized purchased from my local seed shop. It has been 12 days since they sprouted(Sept 23). I just switched them from a couple 23w Clfs to my 600w MH at 50% (300w). I'm just waiting on pots so I can...
  6. D

    First grow - leaves curling up and single brown spot

    Hey guys, This is my first grow. I've done lots of reading and research and everything was going fine until a few days ago when my leave started to curl upwards/sideways. Also, I noticed a single brown spot a few days ago but it hasn't gotten bigger or anything. The leaves are curing a bit...
  7. K

    My baby is sick and i need help, anyone who can i would be appreciative!

    8k lumen lamp with vegetative t5 lights 24 hours of light planted in 5 gal buckets with organic choice miracle grow watered with tap water from artesian well
  8. B

    What is going wrong?

    Hey guys, I could do with some help identifying this problem and hopefully someone could suggest a solution please? This is my second time growing so I'm still a noob at all this, didn't have many problems last time except a horrible case of nutrient burn (a mistake I'll never make again!)...
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