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  1. F


    What should my humidity be on final two weeks of my grow I have been to a few different sites and it's a shit show. I'm currently running at 30-35 percent and was wondering if I should raise it. I'm currently bring in fresh Alberta air and exhaustion 6 in carbon. Room temp day is 74-76 night is...
  2. GROWant

    GROWant - Massive Discounts!

    The Best Value Grow Lights Just Got Even Better Value Great Deals We currently have some brilliant deals on our lights. Massive discounts! Go to Our Website or our GROWant Amazon Store for many other extraordinary offers. Happy Growing to you all. :circle-of-love:
  3. P

    Hello fellow enthusiasts

    Well after reading for a very long time I have decided to join. This community is so wonderful and supportive, unlike the location I'm currently in. I want to start this with a thank you for all the members who make this site what it is!
  4. E

    ElDoctore's Self Watering Coco - Candy Kush AF - Pineapple Chunk PP - VIVA Sativa PP

    Hi there. So i have tried growing once in the past, results are great. Now i am going for my second run a year later. As always the law enforcement doesn't make our lives easier, but you do what you got to do to survive. I am posting to get a general feedback and any advise from people with...
  5. F

    First time grower - Hi all

    Hi all just a quick intro before starting a journal. Will post my current first grow of the plants I have growing. Liberty haze and cookies and cream. Cross strains. In flowering currently. My setup is as follows; -660watt light (dimmable ballast) 4 settings 250/400/600/660watts...
  6. fivethirty


    new here ive done a few indoor grows here and there, nothing too big. still a beginner. came to this site for the grow logs, love it heres mine currently 4 Master Kush & 2 Unknown - Grow Journal 2017
  7. N

    Week 7 of flowering Gorrilla Glue

    Can somebody help me and tell me about how much more longer till harvest.. in week 7 currently.. 400 watt mh . Vegged for a month 4 days.
  8. S

    Nutrient burn or deficiency on my Northern Lights? Please help - First time grower

    Hi Everyone, This is my first attempt at growing medical marijuana. I am currently growing a northern lights, a ghost og, and two harlequin clones. The problem seems to only be affecting my northern lights strain. I cannot tell if it is nutrient burn or nutrient deficiency. I am currently...
  9. N

    Leaf Diagnosis Please

    Grow Info : Grown by a complete newbie (me) Day 35 from Seed Coco Coir / Perlite 70/30 mix in 3 gallon fabric pots 1000W HPS currently on day 7 of flower Current tent conditions : 89F 38% humidity (wish I could get my temp lower) 2 air circulation fans, one 460CFM extraction fan...
  10. R

    First Grow - FFOF Soil & Skywalker OG Kush - Advice?

    Hey all, first post here after uploading photo's to the gallery. I have been reading a lot, but that will only get one so far, so looking for advice to make sure i'm heading in the right direction. What strain is it? Skywalker OG Kush Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? 60/40 Indica/Sativa Is...
  11. S

    Critical Jack - Dinafem

    Hi ! Here is my last harvest, critical jack from DINAFEM, :cheer2: Currently drying, can't wait ! :drool::Hookah: Thanks for reading :Namaste:
  12. Slyer8

    600W HPS - Vertical Hood - 4 GSC - Indoor

    Hi to all my fellow growers I'm slyer8. So I got 4 Girl Scout Cookies clones they are all on 7 gallon smart pots with organic soil and perlite. Iam currently feeding them for farms big bloom and Tiger bloom. They are on the 2nd week flowering. I am currently creating this thread from my phone so...
  13. HashGirl

    Catchy Tunes I'm Currently Enjoying

    Catchy tunes to me are songs that you can't sit still through:
  14. The Germinator


    I joined about a week or so ago but could never post. I finally edited my email and got a verification link. So here I am. I look forward to talking to everyone. I currently have some plants growing and have questions. Will post soon. Great to be here. :thanks:
  15. O

    First time growing!

    So as the title says I'm a first time grower. I purchased crop king northern lights auto flower. i plan to experiment a little with the 5 seeds I have . Currently I have one germinated and set in miracle grow potting mix and I'm using lights I had in my garage 6500k t8 fluorescents. My room...
  16. N

    What's going on with my plants? Help!

    I'm currently running a flood drain system. The Ph is where it's supposed to be and I'm currently using floragro, micro and bloom.
  17. T

    Does this sound right? Advice fellas

    Gooood morning my fellow brothers. So where do I start. I never intentionally set out to grow cannabis but however fact of the matter I do now. Information is everywhere but I'd rather hear of a current grower etc. So my set up. Currently using tent green cube 2.4x1.2 currently devised in...
  18. higherthehigh

    Getting ready to harvest I think? Fattening up?

    hi iv got 3 8 week old sweet skunk auto plants and one of them looks close to harvest but, i want the buds a little fatter. currently using canna coco professional+ medium soil with coco a&b with boost & pk. just been fed for the last time today as i thought maby giving them a flush in a weeks...
  19. Pennywise

    A little about me

    Hello all, im 56 years old and grew my first plant in 1977 (Columbian Redbud). I live in Ohio and we're still waiting for legalization or Decrim. I usually grow 4 plants at a time using a 2' x 2' ebb and flow table and 600w HPS. Currently i have GTH #1 going. Im looking forward to exchanging...
  20. A

    ATrueBlackThumb's - LED - Kandy Kush - Grow In Soil

    Hey everyone, I'm ATrueBlackThumb and this is my 5th attempt, second actual plant though, I'm sure you see why I chose my name. I'm growing Kandy Kush from Royal Queen Seeds. Thank you to DeanB and masonman for the help so far and telling me to start a journal. Also thanks to everyone else who...