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  1. Bubbaman

    My harvested AK47 plants

    Harvested , dried , and curing. Harvested just over 4 ounces. This is the final product. Sorry for bad pictures my camera has seen better days strain is ak47. How’s it look
  2. D

    Harvest Right freeze dried biomass?

    Hi guys, I've been freeze drying my personal product here and there. The results are great aside from it being so light and not dense and the terps on it are not sticky. Wondering if any of you have any experience in freeze drying flower? Thanks! :)
  3. Bubbaman

    My finished product Do Si Dos

    Just a couple photos of a couple buds from my do si dos harvest. How’s it look
  4. Bubbaman

    My finished product white widow is the strain

    It’s dried and cured now and this is the final product white widow. How does it look !?
  5. Cheese


    Waited till soil was really dry, then fed. Trying to stop divas gnats
  6. J

    Weird seedling - Dried leaf tip

    Hello, i just started my first grow with 2 autos from mephisto (the famous AlienvsTriangle). One of the seedling developped a whitish dried part at the end of one of the cotyledon leaves. It fell off after some days. Now the seedling looks really weird. Any of you experienced guys can...
  7. T

    Sexbud harvest

    Hey guys, I just finished my 3rd grow, it's a sexbud. The picture shows the second, bigger plant, the other one is already dried and I smoked a few buds, they are really strong. 50g total.
  8. B

    Water curing already dried buds

    Hello :420:! I''ve done some researching on google before asking here, but I couldn't find the clear answer. I've harvested some buds about 2 months ago, dried them, but it tastes so bad... Is water curing still posible and would it help? :thanks: in advance!
  9. C

    Bud photos - All feedback appreciated

    Here are some pics of my buds and plants and one of what I just dried Let me know your thoughts please!!!!
  10. S

    Week 7 explosion!

    So, my plant decided to finally really pack on the weight, and the difference is shocking. I even pulled an immature branch just to prune and help push the plant to peak, and rapid dried this to then be "cured", starting to smell like chocolate and syrup..? What's wierd is, this is possibly the...
  11. Justones

    Dried bud smell?

    So I have a couple girls in flower with all cloudy trichnomes. They are sativa dominant from bag seed, but both are different strains because they grew different & have different flower smells. Ive been cutting little samples off & drying them to test. Here is the odd part. They smell live on...
  12. 8

    Am I ready to Harvest?

    Hi guys, First time posting here & first time growing. So I have 2 plants that I believe are ready to go. They've been flowering outdoors in my greenhouse for 2 months on the day. Growing 2 strains: Romulan: Dutch Treat Here's a close-up of one of the buds: And I also noticed one of...
  13. S

    Black pistils on dried buds

    Jist got done drying my last crop, a mix of master Kush and another unknown strain. Yielded 20oz dried from 6 plants under 1 1000w light. Noticed that a few of my buds from the master kush plant had its pistils turn black while drying. Dried at 22c and about 50% humidity for a week they are now...
  14. jddrews

    Dead flower at the top of the cola?

    Hey peeps. I'm nearing the end of my first grow and everything has been going well so far. However, yesterday I noticed that the flower at the very top of the main cola had dried up and died. The sugar leaves near the top had been looking dried up for a week or so, but I didn't realize that...
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