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  1. Ron Strider

    MI: Detroit Voters Loosen Medical Marijuana Restrictions After Crackdown

    Detroit voters on Tuesday supported two ballot proposals that will loosen zoning restrictions and other rules surrounding the city's medical marijuana industry. The Detroit Medical Marijuana Facilities Ordinance and Detroit Zoning Ordinance passed with 60 percent and 58 percent of voter...
  2. Ron Strider

    MI: Detroiters Say 'Yes' To Marijuana

    Despite a strong anti-marijuana push from some city council members, a large contingent of churches and others – not to mention very convoluted and confusing language on the ballot – Detroiters voted in favor of the Detroit Medical Marijuana Facilities Ordinance and the accompanying Detroit...
  3. D

    DIY inexpensive greenhouse 13x13 feet less then 30$

    YouTube :thumb:
  4. G

    Biggest buds turning brown at end of flowering stage

    Hey all, I've been so far doing a successfull grow of 3 girls with the '420 Carats' strain. I haven't had any issues with feeding/temperatures in the entire grow. But as I'm almost approaching harvest (about 1-2 weeks away) about 3 of my biggest colas are starting to show some worrying signs...
  5. Ron Strider

    CA: Cannabis Ordinance Takes A Big Step Forward In Cloverdale

    They covered a lot of ground at the Sept. 12 meeting of the Cloverdale City Council, but the most significant moment was when the council voted unanimously for the long awaited cannabis ordinance to take a big step forward into the final phase. Citing business and property interests...
  6. Botani

    What Should I Do?

    a little background from last grow i grew 4 og kush plants under 800 watts (2x 400w hps) in a area 4 feet by 4 feet and 8 feet high in deep water culture hydroponics. i managed to get 614 grams dried weight when all was said and done. now i am wonder what other people would do. currently i...
  7. K

    What happens if I top my plant?

    One of my girls, the one I've left natural, has now reached a height of six feet. Since my stockade fence is that height, it presents a problem. People coming into my driveway may be able to see it. Oh it's still fifteen feet away from the fence, but I don't want to cause any trouble or get...
  8. smokiebear

    Smokie Returns - An Organic Grow With a Purpose!

    Gather round, grab your meds of choice and take a seat. This is going to be quite the experiment! :cheer2: The goal: Enough dried herb to keep myself medicated as well as enough FHO to keep my brother in law medicated, and his symptoms manageable. The strains: I have 4 strains in pots. The...
  9. Ron Strider

    CA: Cannabis Ignites Sonoma Co. Industrial Real Estate; Marin Office market Slows

    The call of Santa Rosa as a hub for legalized cannabis commerce is forcing longtime players in Sonoma County industrial real estate to adjust to the rush. "If you have a business and it is in zoning that allows for cannabis, you may not know if you can renew your lease," said Shawn Johnson...
  10. Tris420

    Which Lamp For My Growbox ?

    Hey 420 Guys .. Im looking for the perfect lamp for my Growbox .. at the moment Im using a Mars Hydro 150 watt but i want more Power .. Size of my Tent is 40cmx40cmx125cm thats 1,31234 feet x 1,31234 feet x 4,10105 feet . Hope you can give me some Advice on which lamp i should buy ...
  11. N

    New member in need of some quick info

    Hello ladies and gents. Just a quick question regarding fan and filter. my area is 4 2 5 ''feet'' = 40 qubic feet ,Is this correct ? i have a fan and filter ,fans rated at 155 m3h pretty sure filter is 200 m3h ,Will this be powerful enough to clean the air ? I will be running 1 200 watt blue...
  12. G

    Veg clone 6400 lumens?

    Have a larger project going on with hps bulbs but wanted to start a small one two. I have a box that is 2 feet long by 2 feet tall by 1 foot wide. I have four 23 watt cfls 6500k light appearance totaling 92 watts and 6400 lumens. Is that enough light for one plant in such a tight area? Or do i...
  13. G

    New grow idea - SOG - Money Bush 80/20

    I think im in the right place to share an idea, or a project in motion. Didnt quite think i was ready for a journal as i haven't started yet but i have ordered some items. My plan is to attempt a hydro top drip sog with Money Bush 80 indica, 20 sativa. The room is 10 feet long by 5 feet wide...
  14. The Germinator

    Nitro burn?

    This didn't happen till I watered with 1ml of each flora trio in a half gallon of water. That was below the recommended. They're under a mh 600 watt lamp. Temp 75-81. I moved the light from bout two feet to two and a half feet. It's just regular potting soil. Not self feeding type. The plant is...
  15. Botani

    Need Some Suggestions

    I'm about to finish a 4 plant white widow grow. the space of this grow was 4 feet X 4 feet which I scrogged and done in dwc hydroponics. I have 2x 400w hps lights. and in waiting for this to finish which will be done in about 2 weeks I have 3 of these white widow clones 2 og kush and 3 candy...
  16. K

    OR: Marijuana Businesses Step Up

    Independence - Organic Investments submitted a site design review to the City of Independence for 16,840-square feet of greenhouses for growing cannabis, and a 8,740 square-foot building for processing of cannabis and office use. Mark Jennings, of consulting firm Pure Botanicals, took part in...
  17. TwoBirdStoned

    Does this look root bound?

    ~4 gallons of soil. The plant was in the same pot for the entire veg/bloom cycle, grew to just under 3 feet tall. Is this what root bound looks like? :thanks:
  18. ShiggityFlip

    Shiggityflip - Follow The Yellow Brix Road With The Perfect Sun 1000

    Hey all, Shiggityflip here with a sponsored journal from Black Diamond Grow lights. Featuring the Perfect Sun 1000, a 520 watt light that puts out heavy PAR numbers, competing directly with the output below a 1000w HPS. I first started working with this light last grow, you can see it here in...
  19. T


    Hey guys hope your all well and good today :) i am a first time grower very enthusiastic about seeing the process of cannabis growth from start to finish, I bought 3 super skunk seeds and only managed to bring 1 to life, then my landlord had to re-decorate so i couldn't continue my grow so...
  20. M

    MzSiroz - Soil - CFL - Indoor - Critical & Candy

    Hello everyone, It is so good to be back here! :circle-of-love:They say the third time's a charm, so this grow has got to be successful! Technically, I still consider myself a first-time grower because I have not completed a full plant. Okay, so here's the setup. I've got an indoor tent...