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    Remember a fire last year at Bills tent?
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    Bruce banger busted with flash so you can see it's sexy purple green Balanced buds. Very nice perfect moisture content bust up just outstanding in bong . One hit head crusher.
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    Bruce banger smoking the bb2 tonight wow. Very nice seedsman !!
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    This PMB has gotten way better with a cure.
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    White widow x atf bud porn !!
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    Cherry bomb in love holy smokes 420 family winner winner chicken dinner .
  7. M

    Used equipment, is it safe?

    First time using HID lighting. Just picked up a reflector, 600w MH lamp, and Apollo 600 ballast to replace my T5 setup. Hooked it all up, fired the light with no issue. On closer inspection, the ballast (model # uhps-d600) doesnt specifically say it can run MH lamps. Ballast is making a high...
  8. Humboldt Seeds for Testing

    Humboldt Seeds for Testing

    Humboldt Seed Organization provided me with 10 regular seeds each of: Bubba 76, Platinum Yeti F3, Gift of Fire F2, and Sour 76
  9. Stumpy Now!

    Stumpy Now!

    - Taken on an LG Aristo 2
  10. J

    Super Soil & Organic Liquids?

    I've been growing for several years, mostly outdoor (starting indoor), using a variety of different soils/super soils/nutrients. This season I've decided to do a small indoor grow from start to finish. I created super soil a few months ago to use as my medium, with Roots Organic Original as my...
  11. M


    wake and bake its time to get rich 2018 on fire. LETS GO !!!!!!!!:420::volcano-smiley:
  12. Ron Strider

    NV: Man Burned After Cooking "Weed Butter"

    A man was transported with burn injuries after he was found cooking "weed butter." Las Vegas Fire & Rescue responded to reports of an explosion Tuesday night near N. Jones and W. Lake Mead Blvd. The fire was originally reported as a possible grease fire. Crews arrived on scene and were told...
  13. P

    Abandoned PDub's 9kw Fire OG 2017

    Hello everybody, Will be starting a new grow this week and this will be my first journal. Will be growing Fire OG + another strain tbd. Flower room is 16x19, still building out the veg room so will veg in the flower room first run. I plan on a 3 week veg topping and lst then moving to scrog...
  14. Ron Strider

    CA: Volatile Cannabis Manufacturing Businesses Allowed On 4th Street In Eureka

    A plan that will create space for volatile cannabis manufacturing can move forward following approval from the eureka planning commission. The owners of 60 West 4th Street applied for a conditional use permit to allow up to three such businesses to operate. Volatile manufacturing using...
  15. Ron Strider

    Cannabis Farmers Face Doubly Uncertain Future After California Wildfires

    "This time of year, everyone's harvesting. And now, the annual paycheck that we've been working all year to earn may have been burnt to a crisp or will soon dry out due to lack of water." The stresses felt by cannabis farmer Ahren Osterbrink, a Redwood Valley resident evacuated since the...
  16. Ron Strider

    CA: Electrical Fire In Placentia Reveals Illegal Marijuana Growing Operation

    An illegal marijuana growing operation with as many as 3,000 plants was discovered Sunday afternoon, Oct. 15, while crews were trying to restore power after an electrical fire in Placentia. Several people called 911 to report that a wooden telephone pole was on fire in the 700 block of South...
  17. Ron Strider

    Eureka Planning Commission To Consider Cannabis Extraction Permit

    Eureka's Planning Commission will hold a special meeting to consider permitting a volatile cannabis manufacturing within city limits. Volatile manufacturing uses solvents like butane to extract oils from cannabis. The owners of 60 West 4th Street have applied for a permit on behalf of...
  18. Ron Strider

    CA: North Bay Marijuana Harvest Ravaged By Fire

    It's not just vines that grow in Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties, and marijuana cultivators, like vintners and farmers, are reeling from the still-burning Tubbs and Atlas Peak Fires. According to the marijuana advocacy group the California Growers Association and industry leaders like Erich...
  19. Ron Strider

    'Worst Year On Record' For Cannabis Harvests Amid Widespread California Wildfires

    California marijuana growers north of San Francisco continue to face mandatory evacuation orders as well as likely tens of millions of dollars in crop damage and loss amid widespread wildfires in Wine Country and surrounding areas. Hezekiah Allen, executive director of the California Growers...
  20. Ron Strider

    Colorado Springs Marijuana Growing Operation Discovered After Fire Report

    An illegal growing operation consisting of 150 marijuana plants was discovered at a rural residence east of Colorado Springs after a fire was reported overnight. KKTV-TV reports that the neighbors saw flames and contacted the Tri-County Fire Department early Wednesday morning. Fire...
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